Got Enough Holiday Memories???

Got Enough Holiday Memories???

Had a great time on holiday with my fiancée (still, somehow). #gotenoughmemories #cantwaitforthehoneymoon (ie. sequel).

Starring James McNicholas @jamesmcnicholas & the unfortunate but ever so patient Camille Ucan @camilleucan.

Wasn’t going to upload this here but it went a bit mental and viral so thought I’d better.

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20 Responses

  1. JJ W says:

    where is that ?

  2. thatdamntime says:

    I love how Camille is enjoying your banter at the start of the video and then the gradual irritation of it as you keep doing it throughout the holiday. Excellent!

    I can only imagine how probably you didn’t even record.

  3. Brandon Nicolas says:

    Have you got enough hair on ur head m8?

  4. Perlip says:

    Reddit front page anyone?

  5. Celsian says:

    Got enough vertical video there m9?

  6. Bo Bish says:

    Is it wrong I touched my peter to this video?

  7. MrBorderdown says:

    This isn’t funny, you frankly just sound like a fucking idiot. No I’m not trolling. Yes I think you can do better. No I don’t care.

  8. Mr Sting says:

    Kys normies REEEE

  9. Delta25M says:

    Hearing people with accents is always fun. Are you australian or british or ???

  10. Luke Ravs says:

    what a madlad

  11. savemyskin says:

    She’s going to murder you in your sleep

  12. Donovan Howes says:

    Gotta side with your fiancée on this one, the gag did wear out its welcome pretty fast.

  13. Zak says:

    I dont get it mate

  14. CrynoKing says:

    this guy isn’t funny to me. Am I the only one?

  15. Tyrone Lannister says:

    Why would this attractive female be with such a bald, annoying cunt?

  16. Bob B. says:

    He’s gonna become a good dad

  17. Steph on you says:

    I love the audible gasp at the end. She is realizing this is never going to end. I love it.

  18. Dont Stop says:

    Do I Got enough likes on this comment?

  19. John X says:

    Check out the 2018 Camaro ZL1-1LE

  20. Yung Xoe says:

    got enough whitening toothpaste m8

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