GOTTA SEE IT: Fan Gets Ejected For Shoving Kyle Lowry In Game 3 Of NBA Finals

GOTTA SEE IT: Fan Gets Ejected For Shoving Kyle Lowry In Game 3 Of NBA Finals

Watch as Kyle Lowry dives into the crowd for the ball and appears to be shoved by a fan in the seats.

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87 Responses

  1. espankymanny says:

    Bet he would never do that to kyle outside of the court

  2. N B says:

    Losing the game and getting kicked out … bad night I’d say lol

  3. Christopher Trueman says:

    Fans in golden state putting their hands on players, what a joke.

  4. purple9 says:

    Golden state fan upset that their team is being challenged XD

  5. HorizonRT says:

    And people be freaking out about drake MASSAGING his OWN coach when hes a AMBASSADOR for the team.

  6. Revitalise says:

    Drake’s antics may seem too much and he may trash talk to opposing players, but i don’t think he’d go so far as to push players.

    • Michael OConnor says:

      No, drake wouldn’t do that. Honestly, trash talk is fine as long as it isn’t racial or vulgar. Pushing players and that sort of thing has to be 0 tolerance.

    • Shane Na says:

      Drake cleaned steph’s hair…. ?

  7. Kane Stone says:

    He got what he deserved, if u don’t like it don’t get the first row. He has no right to push him just because Lowry and his team played well. ( wow he was a co-owner of warriors , what we saw was enough but Lowry said he even used vulgar language while he was pushing him )

    • G.m. Strong says:

      @chris larry
      LJ concussed a female

    • DonateToMe GetAnHourWithAlex says:

      @G.m. Strong “I thought the object of the NBA is to protect the fans”????? YOU’RE CLEARLY LIKE 16 YEARS-OLD. They’re NBA players in competition. They’re suppose to hustle hard you goddamn idiot! You sit courtside, expect that to occur. You’ve seen basketball games before. You know this has happened before. Moron. If you don’t want it happening to you, DON’T SIT COURTSIDE. Dumb ass!

    • christopher Vincient says:

      @G.m. Strong Then obviously you havent watched much basketball because that happens a lot just like in baseball you have a chance of a ball hitting you to avoid that DONT sit there I’m pretty sure it says that somewhere about safety too. Same thing with nascar and car parts flying from accidents

    • Nihlus Kriyk says:

      @Count Floyds Chiller Horror Theatre 3000 You do realize that most people sitting on those front seat in the finals are usually far richer than a team of players combined.

    • Jinamo_ says:

      Kane Stone then drake shoulda been ejected too

  8. Ch3sy says:

    The true Golden State fan trying to help Lowry up

  9. ChachaChapati says:

    I was focused on the guy patting him on the back wondering why he was kicked out. Then I saw the other angle.

  10. Pi Noy says:

    Glad Lowry did not retaliate. Fan feeling courtside entitled. Classy !

    • Jinamo_ says:

      drake shoulda been ejected too

    • voodoochild346 says:

      @Count Floyds Chiller Horror Theatre 3000 You sign a release warning you for the danger of sitting there dumbass.

    • Erick Smith says:

      @John Vee was you sitting courtside? If you push hard enough to move a man who has fallen then it’s hard. That’s also called assault. Had it been Lowry he would’ve been fined and suspended. He was also was vulgar. How is that playing?

    • Bee Joy says:

      I mean classy

  11. majen zoe says:

    you can buy courtside ticket and beer, but you can’t buy class and manners.

  12. Tyler Witte says:

    That lady that got shoulder tackled took it like a champ

    • FIGNAS83 says:

      She should’ve complained too ?

    • Oktay Tezerdi says:

      It’s your own fault if you want to sit courtside… Be glad that it was Lowry and not a player like Shaq

    • Fred Mart says:

      @Prince Lawson it was her fault for leaning over like that

    • scoop245 says:

      that is why the guy was mad. it was reckless and irresponsible.

    • Prince Lawson says:

      scoop245 NO! This is the NBA finals. He is hustling to do his job, doing what he this is necessary to make sure his team wins. You can pay 30 thousand bucks to sit down there if you want to, just know that you might be hit with ball if a player misses it or occasionally run over by a player trying to dive at a loose ball ?

  13. HAL 9000 says:

    If I were lucky enough to sit court side at a NBA finals game and was closed lined by a player who trying to keep the ball in, it’ll be my instagram profile pic forever!

    • Outlaw Soul says:

      it was revealed that the “fan” is actually part owner of the warriors. So that is just his average wednesday evening I’m afraid.

      ban him anyway. but sitting courtside at the Warriors game isn’t a big deal for him.

    • Yvng Trill says:

      Bruh ? same

    • Ab Bc says:

      Sometimes it has some props too. One time I went to a warrior game where draymond ran over a fan and then gave him signed shoes. Another game doncic fell into a kid and gave him a signed jersey.

    • Dhrumil Shah (Personal) says:

      He owns 6% of the team and his invested has increased by $160M. I think he’s good lmao

    • Tamara Senior says:

      Now you’re a “Real “fan. That’s what im talking about.???

  14. TheDarkenedLightGem says:

    I’m a Warriors fan and I have your back on this one Kyle. There’s no reason to behave like that to an opponent. It’s just a game. No need to shove like that.

  15. cagadd02 says:

    He was scared after he did it too…respect to Lowry

  16. Gary Vale says:

    fan was hiding behind the wifey, as he gives him a push…..then looks scared as Lowry gets up and looks at him….lol

  17. Efe Chief says:

    The guy that pushed Kyle didn’t get touched at all when he fell into the crowd. Yet the guy that got hit was a good sport and patted Kyle on the back. Go figure!

    • Matt B says:

      Heat of the moment and Lowry came close to taking out the guys wife.

      Just stop the diving into stands like that, do we not remember when LBJ landed on Jason Days wife and sent her to a hospital?

    • hiimphishy says:

      Matt B they’re playing basketball and if you sit courtside, this is the risk. There is no fault on the player here

    • John Doe says:

      yes, that was very, very odd.

    • Arnold Matthews says:

      Matt B as someone who sits court side you know the risks of having a player landing on you. Hence the reason you cannot sue if you get injured. It’s the nba finals if someone needs to save the ball and jump into the fans he has every right to do so.

    • stiffyjonez says:

      Buy tickets from a Safer distance if that’s your worry

  18. Roger H says:

    Loved seeing him get escorted out. Ultimate walk of shame.

  19. B Natural says:

    Im a warrior fan all day, but he touched kyle which opened the door for that fan to get knocked out !!!! If you touch, you can be touched….. Oakland cali all day

  20. trucker86a says:

    I like how the guy cowardly hides behind his wife after realizing he just messed up

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