Gotta See It: Vermette gets game misconduct for Abuse of Officials

Gotta See It: Vermette gets game misconduct for Abuse of Officials

Anaheim Ducks forward Antoine Vermette gets called for “Abuse of Officials” which is exactly what it sounds like, as he swung his stick hitting a linesman when he wasn’t looking.

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20 Responses

  1. Jose Bautista says:

    Idiotic play. Can’t hit a ref under any circumstances unless it’s defence

  2. BottleBoy says:

    Nice dive

  3. The Squeaky Roaster says:

    Lmao he just randomly slashes the ref.

  4. Mr. BO55 says:

    wow thats actually abuse of officials, I wasnt expecting that tbh, I was expecting some “you suck at your job ref!” ejection lol

  5. MrLurkin4life says:

    I would expect this from Perry.

  6. 92SawyerH says:

    20 games. Then, reduce it to 10 when he’s already served 19.

  7. Lgd1993 J says:

    refs deserve it after an embarrassing season so far

  8. theONEandONLY says:

    Everyone is calling Vermette an idiot for what he did. If you actually watched this game, you would understand how absolutely terrible the refs and linesman were this game, for both teams. He gave him a pretty soft slash for dropping the puck when he wasnt even set up for the faceoff. All things considered, the officials need to be put in their place for being so horrifically awful this season

  9. David Wall says:

    he will get 20 games for making a slash towards a linesmen but nyquist will get like 7 for slashing a guy in the face and almost hitting his eye.. yep your doing a good job nhl?

  10. Jackson Jung says:

    He was just tapping his stick on the linesman’s leg to say Happy Valentines Day…

  11. TomBomb40 says:

    I know people are saying “oh the officials in this game was awful” or “the refs ruined this game”, but there is no excuse for what Vermette did here. Regardless of what happened before the faceoff, you can NOT slash or put your hands on an official… PERIOD. You can debate whether it’s intent to injure or not, but in my book, he intentionally slashed the linesman and was dealt with appropriately by being given a game misconduct for abuse of an official. The penalty was justified and if you think it’s not the right call, go read the rule book. Dumb penalty that could get him a suspension or a phone call from the NHL.

  12. TheGrandmasterfro says:

    justified. refs was a idiot. they are payed to do a fucken job at the highest standard

  13. Radko Gudas says:

    That’s an automatic 10 game suspension. Well deserved.

  14. dave C says:

    linesman dropped the puck too early and closer to minnisota still no excuse

  15. Stolen Memes Weekly says:

    When Darude Sandstorm is playing in the background 1:30

  16. hello there folks says:

    1:11 LMAO is that a lead pencil

  17. Myke Commodore says:

    a couple inches higher and it would have been sexual assault.

  18. youfermont says:

    The DJ should be banned for abuse of bad music.

  19. SAnderson MIRROR says:

    This is nothing more than the wwe on ice

  20. Matthew Aubry says:

    I hate bad officials as much as anybody, but you players gotta leave the abuse to us fans.

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