Gourmet Chef Makes A Big Mac Super Fancy

Gourmet Chef Makes A Big Mac Super Fancy

It’s your good ol’ McDonald’s Big Mac, but like you’ve never seen before.

Credits: https://www.buzzfeed.com/bfmp/videos/58035

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James Briscione

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84 Responses

  1. Fuzzy_ Foxx says:

    Am I the only one that thinks he made it look like leftovers rather than a fancy meal?😂

  2. Dakotah Headbird says:

    This gots to be the worst video I ever watched in my life

  3. Ronnie Young says:

    $4 big mac transformed into a $35 dish

  4. PrincessRiners says:

    oh gosh………… WHAT AM I LOOKING AT LOL

  5. Jesse SL says:


  6. Van Shan says:

    McDonald’s Big Mac in original form 😋👍. Gourmet Chef version 🤮👎. I thought the Chef was going to create an ultra-lux high quality Big Mac with premium ingredients…not whatever that was.

  7. Gabriel430 Chavez says:

    I wonder what’s Gordon Ramsay would say

  8. Headbanger's Kitchen says:

    4.99$ to 499$

  9. Melvin Carranza says:

    That looks horrible and a Big Mac doesn’t even have tomato

  10. Sumaya Yusuf says:

    Is he actually series it kinda looks nasty

  11. FlippingNugget says:

    Didn’t Good Mythical Morning do this already?
    And I don’t think he understands what a fancy Big Mac is. It’s supposed to be an actual Big Mac, not some unappetizing vegetables with red caviar

    What’s more they were more entertaining with their comedic personalities…

  12. Ashley Wang says:

    Looks like Buzzfeed’s stealing other people’s video ideas again👀

    *coughcoughbonappetitcoughcough* BUT that’s none of my business😊

  13. Fajer njr says:

    He could’ve done something better with the bread

  14. MyLifeAsLouis says:

    Then he charges that food for $100

  15. Melissa Blake says:

    I’ve learned more in this video than I have from watching everything on the food network. :’)

  16. Justin Y. says:

    How to take apart a big mac and make it look fancy

  17. skelki Galatasaray says:

    You actually destroyed a beautiful build big mac.

  18. arifamzar1 says:

    This should be a series….MAKE IT HAPPEN BUZZFEED

  19. Justin Y. says:

    *”This, is how you eat a big mac nibba”*

  20. Swifty Unknown says:

    That’s about as fancy as a 4-year-old playing with their food.
    Also, Big Macs don’t have tomatoes idiot.

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