Gov. Glenn Youngkin signs 11 executive actions

Gov. Glenn Youngkin signs 11 executive actions

Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin signed nine Executive Orders and two Executive Directives just hours after being sworn into office outside the State Capitol Saturday.

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40 Responses

  1. Pooky says:

    It’s unbelievable an eo had to be signed for many of these. That’s how far our country has fallen. Keep fighting America. I just might move to Virginia. <3

    • Carmen Bazan says:

      👍👍 Go for it !!! Milder weather, beautiful place, and the people are very nice ( southern gentility I called it )I lived there from 2017- 2019 , wish I was still there, but my daughter wanted to come back home and I couldn’t stay there alone , so I had to come back with her. Wishing that one day she might want to go back ☺️

    • dk brouwer says:

      Me too!

  2. Darren Miller says:

    Sounds just great. Maybe some day we in California will have such a governor. God bless Virginia. Our love and prayers are with. And thank you, your even giving some of us in California hope.

    • If your married Your a simp and a cuck says:

      @Der Teufel ah typical democrat, iT wAsNt uS iTs tHe SyStEm, damn you sound like Joe Biden…… Just own up you fucked up and then now you people move to other states and make the same mistake, saw it firsthand in Colorado. Thank God I’m moving to Texas soon.

    • Brian Carey says:

      @sissy murphy i dont need to. I have seen the videos. In every major city in California…. train wreck. Democrat sponsored train wreck.
      I have said to myself these videos are from some 3rd world country. Imagine my surprise to see these videos are from California.

    • Brian Carey says:

      @Der Teufel even so… but enough Californians vote for democrats to make it even close enough for the democrats to pull there crap. Yup don’t feel sorry for you all at all

    • sissy murphy says:

      @Brian Carey I visited california back in 1990 before it became a slum . I would never visit there again

    • Der Teufel says:

      @Brian Carey nobody asked you to feel sorry for anyone.

  3. J Dubz says:

    Best wishes to the Gov and Lt. Gov. So happy for Virginia. Hoping for positive changes like this all over our United States.

    • Kathleen says:


    • g hall says:

      @R. Mitchell Unfortunately Minnesota has a hell hole in Hennepin and Ramsey County that and a couple more that are contaminated with repulsive democrats. They will never understand decency.

    • Steve Rockwell says:

      Yes…it’s been a tough couple of years, but God had to reveal the Left for who they truly are. Godspeed to these two as they fight for their constituents safety and freedoms.

    • Chocolate Cow Milk says:

      @polofunk please go back and cry into the corner, thank you! 😊🥰

    • James Dean says:

      @polofunk everything is racist isn’t it? Kids with guns in schools? You know where I learned that it’s not ok to take guns to school? From my father, he also taught me to respect authority and he taught me right from wrong and to not embarrass the family name.
      When did it become the governments job to teach morals and common decency. People need to take responsibility for their own actions, learn to stand on your own two feet again and work for what you want and what you have once you do that you learn to respect what you have and how you earned it, you learn to respect yourself and others and you quit blaming everyone else for the problems you’ve made for yourself.

  4. The Transformed Life says:

    Praying for divine wisdom, courage, common sense decisions and protection for our Governor, Youngkin, Lieutenant-Governor Spears and their entire team. God bless our great commonwealth of Virginia❤️

  5. 73 Beetle says:

    Thank God we have somebody that’s for the American people and for Virginian’s!

  6. Constance Adcock says:

    Congratulations, Governor Youngkin! You are off to a strong start in making Virginia a free state again! Godspeed to you and your staff!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  7. Ronald Duchac says:

    Democrats and Republicans alike should like what he is doing for all citizens of Virginia. I’m not a Virginian but am excited for the direction I m witnessing. We as Americans should demand this from every governor, legislator and public SERVANT holding office throughout the entire country.

  8. Chiefkirk Outdoors says:

    Hats off to you Governor. May God Bless you and your family and keep you strong and healthy and always on the side of what’s right.

  9. Wallace B says:

    We need more people like this in power. People who actually serve the people…what a concept!!

  10. Truth Be Told says:

    It’s been a tough time to be a Virginian. It always seems like the government here was against us. For years and years, and for once I feel comfort. Even if I know it’s a short lived peace, but having local leadership during a time where our federal leadership is in shambles makes me feel pretty good.

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