Governor Scott gets an earful

Governor Scott gets an earful

Starbucks in downtown Gainesville today a woman tells Rick Scott what she thinks.

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20 Responses

  1. Jen S says:

    Thanks for catching this and for uploading it. I hope she doesn’t mind that
    it’s been made public. And I hope she’s not getting any backlash or threats
    . Because that’s how the reds respond when the blues exercise our right to
    free speech. She’s right on. And quite brave. And I’m very impressed with
    her presence of mind in order to pull together all of those talking points
    on the spot like that.

  2. Alyten Balindaroch says:

    fuck that asshole gov

  3. chris David says:

    She’s obviously not doing too bad having the ability to sit around in the
    Starbucks all day and play on laptop

  4. KikunaPie says:

    I despised that man ever since he stripped schools of art funding and put
    it towards the science/math department. The following year, my art teacher
    couldn’t even afford erasers and the math classes got brand new calculators
    that were worth hundreds each (that were rarely used).

  5. markocarter says:

    Thank You Sir! I’m gonna put this thing on a loop! I’m responsible for half
    of your views (joking of course), but I have watched it more than thrice
    and planning on watching it a fourth time after I’m done typing.
    Please people stop judging this woman because you & I have no idea what
    she’s going through in her life. The only reason I applaud her is because
    no matter where she’s at in life, she still will stand up for herself –
    weather she’s right or wrong. Most of us don’t stand up to our
    representatives, but it’s time we start! #rickscottisanasshole

  6. Potato Protocol says:

    Too shady

  7. hustler3of4culture3 says:

    truth to power

  8. This name has no originality says:

    This should be on one of those Cringe compilations. Uneducated idiots
    thinking that the government should owe them something…

  9. b1gmb says:

    I love how poor people like her are sitting in Starbucks on their laptops.

  10. Ruth Cuadrado says:

    She is a hero!!

  11. yaylight says:

    Great job, lady. We need more people like you!

  12. Chad Davis says:

    gov skelator

  13. LonelySquad says:

    I have a good job.

  14. will craig says:

    hell yes i love it

  15. Jen S says:

    And, damn, some of these comments here. If you have a bad job that doesn’t
    pay well, then get and education, work harder, get a better job! If you’re
    getting your education and it’s hard to afford it, and you take advantage
    of free WiFi, well then shut up and get a job. People will do anything to
    avoid looking at all the ways the government doesn’t work for working
    people. Part of the job of government if to influence a strong society and
    economy. Investment in health and education is not “free stuff.” It’s sound
    economic policy that builds a strong working class. A strong working class
    creates demand. Buyers of products and services. A strong demand drives the
    economy. And then everyone does better.

  16. rob bennett says:

    he’s an untrustworthy oligarch miscreant.

  17. CapMguitar says:

    Regardless of whether she was right or wrong, it’s obvious that she was not
    interested in a discussion or explanation. Her goal was simply to make a
    scene so she could get her time in the spotlight.

  18. Asad Shahid says:

    lady has a heart to say that. thank you lady in green shirt

  19. Aristocats says:

    Scott is right. Medicaid and medicare overtaxed the employed. Like hell, i
    would mind if the govt takes 30% of my investment for medical purposes

  20. Indegruv says: