Grading Bethesda’s E3 2017 Showcase – So F*cking Disappointing

Grading Bethesda’s E3 2017 Showcase – So F*cking Disappointing

What happened, Bethesda?
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20 Responses

  1. chaning dodson says:

    No shit man it was depressing it sucked so bad Todd didn’t even show up lol

  2. AKFlatfoot says:

    a near perfect conference.

  3. andres olivares says:

    I’m praying that Bethesda don’t get to attached to VR

  4. CreepyPasta Al Dente says:

    You want to play as link or samus in skyrim – hmmm, maybe youre unaware of this….there’s a site called Nexus, and they have these mods, right…you still with me?….and guess what theyre FREE mods right, still with me?….

  5. Lee Fair says:

    Ahh Bethesda trying the old, put a frog in cold water and heat it up gradually approach to paid mods. YOU AIN’T FOOLING ANYONE….. if it’s not approved as canon…. it’s a mod.

  6. Vissen says:

    I woke up at 6am from 3 hours of sleep to watch the conference and I was really dissapointed at what I got. Then again, I only really enjoy their open world RPG’s, dishonored was fun but not exactly my cup of tea. Maybe my english exam will make my day better…

  7. Amigo500 says:

    probably most disappointing E3 conference, i wasnt happy.. not happy at all…
    New Wolfenstein looks cool though..

  8. Sarah Maloney says:

    I’m with you Matty…. in fact I’ve found E3 disappointing in general this year 😔

  9. Jekyljoro says:

    The “creation club” thing just seems like an attempt to avoid another incident like the one Bethesda “found” themselves in with the “autumn leaves” mod story ending up in the farharbor DLC; it was the robobrain murder mystery story. With this, the creators have a chance to make money for their ideas while Bethesda gets the same free labor/development, but gets to charge the projects as DLC just for some polish and being a distributor. well, atleast now modders can get paid.

  10. Regular Human says:

    I swear there was a confirmed new IP? What the hell happened

  11. Chocolate Daddy says:


  12. pwoper fish says:


  13. Sean says:

    Well, here comes Sony to save EA once again…

  14. acevitamin says:

    Wolfenstein 2, Evil Within 2, whats the problem?
    Cryin bout no ES?

  15. Alex FRD says:

    In other words, if you make a mod that is decent enough, Bethesda can seize it and charge everyone $10 to use it while you are incapable of distributing it for free. A disgusting paid mod scheme disguised as a mod integration platform.

  16. TehFineztJoker/MBX93 says:

    Meh, the only good stuff they showed was A new Wolfenstein game, The New Colossus, an expansion DLC to Dishonored called Death of the Outsider and a new Evil Within.

  17. Jack The Gamer says:

    The conference was disgusting. Worst E3 conference I’ve ever seen. Also…..

    We see what you’re trying to do Bethesda. Micro DLC that “can” include content made by third parties and mod creators. This also allows you to bypass the issue of Sony and external assets. That said, were still paying for mods, and were still giving the mod author 20% even tho they did 100% of the work. Sorry, not gonna fly.

  18. Todd Hitler says:

    Here at Bethesda, our philosophy is simply to make as much money as possible while doing as little work as possible. This is why we value our modding community so much, because they are basically unpaid slave labor who do all the work and we can take that work and put a price tag on it. The creation club will be a way for us to strengthen our mastership over our modding minions and help us to make even more money. It just works.Now do you get it why most of the FO4 season pass was workshop assets? We wanted to get these assets into the hands of the modders to help them create more content for us. The icing on the cake was that we conned everyone into buying this in the season pass. You thought you were going to get fully made DLC content from us in the season pass? HAHAHAHA NO! But don’t worry, the real content will come, courtesy of the modding community, but you will have to shell out even more money for it. BWAHAHAHAHAHA

  19. Sam-Sung says:

    We’re sorry we didn’t release more bad games like Fallout 4.

  20. MrMattyPlays says:


    First, we’re currently trending at #10 on all of YouTube. Pretty insane personal moment, but what’s good is that means Bethesda will definitely hear us on this platform. I’m sure they got the gist of how folks received the show on social media, but the more feedback, the better.

    Second, the comment section is dope. Seeing lots of different opinions and great conversations for the most part being had.

    Third, a fun fact! Fallout 4’s entire E3 showcase was just five minutes shorter than all of E3 2017 for Bethesda. That’s a crazy stat to me. I know some may say it sounds entitled, but Bethesda set a solid E3 standard for themselves and came woefully short of the mark.

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