Grammy Fashion Hits & Misses

Grammy Fashion Hits & Misses

Sherri Shepherd sits down with Wendy’s Style Squad to get their take on the fashion hits and misses from the Grammy Awards.

From Jennifer Lopez’s hat to Katy Perry’s look, find out which looks were hot and which ones were not!
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89 Responses

  1. willie peoples says:

    Wendy better get back quick… I’m loving Sherri Shepherd

  2. Angel Bankss says:

    kylies look is a floppppp

  3. J Sizz says:

    Lol she has a new body???????? Oh bevy

  4. Kari Waska says:

    That headpiece looks like they spilled some raisin bran on top of her head LMAO *not Cardi duh*

  5. nawal10 says:

    Daaamn they shaded Kylie sooo badly lol

  6. greg parch says:

    This is just ridiculous. I don’t believe for a second Wendy is recovering

  7. lola lane says:

    Kylie looked a mess.

  8. kufo oriji says:

    Kylie look like she wrapped in toilet paper. Period!

  9. Lovie Moon says:

    I miss Joan Rivers right about now

  10. Esther Cooper says:

    Bevy spoke nothing but facts ??

  11. Miss Trinidad and Tobago - says:

    Us fans should demand an update on Wendy Williams progress! This is too long now! I doubt the network will be renewing her contract because it ends in 2020.

  12. M0 Here says:

    Kylie still can’t dress ??‍♀️. She’s just young is all, she’s got time.

    • Jazleen Podraza says:

      shes 20 shes an adult

    • corrsage V says:

      She never did know how to dress the poor thing

    • elias Molina says:

      Lets pray for her

    • A Slade says:

      I remember when I was young. We were never taught being young means you still have time. Youth is not a guarantee of time. And young people are not taught this. They eat what they want, sleep around how they want, party when they want and all in the name of youth. Youth is not promised. So many young dying at by 25 cause they not taking care of their health. Youth don’t mean you have time. We learned about Heaven and Hell as children. Youth is not automatic cure for disease and death. She does not have time. Young people don’t have time. Young people are dying left and right. And getting sick too
      So many young women don’t even know there own bodies and going to doctors getting poisoned. Youth does not equal and extention of time at all. We were taught this in the 80’s. So if we made it to 40. Its like a great accomplishment
      I’m 38. And proud! Youth never meant some extension of time. “The Almighty” take babies and young people too. Know who created us is not being taught anymore in the homes so these young think they gone live forever and surgery can stop the aging process. These youth are lost. And they don’t have time that’s false!

  13. Erika Barino says:

    Cardi looked like a blooming flower..Fitting!!

  14. Jessie B says:

    he said two arm slings…crying

  15. ken f says:

    Wendy could bring in so many views if she had a personal episode sat down & gave us the tea. She must really be going through it & trying to save face. Get well soon Wendy.

  16. 1forevery says:

    Who can’t see that Cardi is the Pearl in the clam shell

  17. Sirius Mind says:

    Katys make-up was flawless! I wasn’t feeling the bottom half of that dress though… The shade coming from the panel though… hilarious.

  18. Gigi Ghalichi says:

    Well she doesn’t have a young body she has a new body I’m dead ? ? ?

  19. Karl with a K says:


  20. Goddess ByNature says:

    Wendy, you in danger girl!

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