Grammys 2018: Hillary Clinton surprises crowd to read “Fire and Fury”

Grammys 2018: Hillary Clinton surprises crowd to read “Fire and Fury”

Hillary Clinton participated in a skit among different stars auditioning to narrate “Fire and Fury” during Sunday’s 60th annual Grammy Awards.

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30 Responses

  1. kmonayy says:

    lmao conservatives so triggered 😂😂

  2. Grubkill3r 101 says:

    This hag sounds like that duck from afflack.

  3. David Owen says:

    20000 views and trending hmmm not rigged at all

  4. Kyle Thompson says:

    Why is this on trending ? Nobody likes that bag of dust

    • joshuafyi anderson says:

      Kyle Thompson because she went to s*** herself and only blew out dust knowing that the storm is coming and she’s going to the pen

  5. FLOWERS says:

    Go Hillary!

  6. Barkeroni says:

    lets see how long before CBS shuts down the comment board here and the like/dislike

  7. Abe Froman says:

    Wearing red

  8. Simon Theodore says:

    Begone THOT!!!

  9. joshuafyi anderson says:

    Trump will be our last president Adam kokesh will be going for non president he is going to take down the Federal Reserve and the banking system of government Adam kokesh 2020 *will be the first time I’ve ever voted*

  10. alamance says:

    I supported Sanders – go away Hillary –

  11. Barkeroni says:

    somebody tell crooked hillary, she can’t run for prez in priz

  12. Pretty Snowflake says:


  13. EUPRI says:

    Who’s that old bag?

  14. Hanh Nguyen says:

    soon she will be arrested!!!! HAHAHA

  15. Fercha Know Things says:


  16. Chris Camper says:

    Awesome good job Hilary . With our cartoon president coming soon. This is turning out to be a good year

  17. Frank Wave says:

    I feel like books are making a comeback

  18. David Boucard says:

    Is CBS still on her payroll or something? It’s almost like you learned nothing from 2016.

  19. Alpharius Omegon says:

    YouTube trending is just an algorithm right? The left is pure propagandists, they will say anything to get power.

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