Grandfather Goes on TINDER Dates

Grandfather Goes on TINDER Dates

Ethan convinces 89-year-old Joe to join Tinder and go on some dates.
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Episode 8 of Explaining Things to my Grandfather

Josh Shultz

Ethan Cole

Joe Cole – Legendary Grandfather

Edited by
Drew MacLeod
School Editing /

Color Correction by
Alanna Humphreys
Alter Ego /

Associate Producer
Jason Anderson

Community Manager
Cameron McLellan

Joe Morris

Konstantin Steshenko

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20 Responses

  1. Jason Anderson says:

    where can i apply to be Joe’s grandson? he’s the coolest grandfather ever

  2. dob iron says:

    This older guy is a boss 

  3. Melvin Blumsley says:

    Reddit Meme Platoon 420 advancing on current video! Le attack!!

    *Title:* Le Funny Tinder Troll Man
    *Top text:* Woos m’ladies on tinder as a pretend young man
    *Bottom text:* Is really le master trole of 1937 xDDDDDDDDDDDD

  4. Stefan Isapanda says:

    These ”reddittors” are getting so annoying now

  5. Taurin Au says:

    Aww man you redditors really ough to fuck off and go outside. Virgins.

  6. BenevolentSinister says:

    Old man was just waiting for his moment to pop his Viagra until his
    grandson cockblocked.

  7. I don't exist says:

    That old man. Is great.

  8. Chowder7116 says:

    Fake and gay

  9. Tyrone Greyham says:

    Time to play spot the redditor! *looks in comments* oh this is too easy

  10. Ellis Grain says:

    This is incredible

  11. whatever jpg says:

    cool old man, wish he was my grandpa. douchey grandfather. 

  12. Mantis Toboggan says:

    Grandpa is a sharp one for being 89!

  13. KangarooEgg says:

    Yeah….not staged at all……

  14. specialk22tt says:

    Failed attempt at a cute film. It just came off creepy, raunchy,
    disgusting, and repulsive. No woman wants to hear any guy (at any age) talk
    to them about pegging. What happened to gentlemen? 

  15. David Adelman says:


  16. David Adelman says:


  17. Sgt Slime says:

    This looks more staged than the moon landing

  18. Battle Axe Films says:

    What a hip Grandpa X’D

  19. ki ra says:

    i love my grandfather and i miss him.. 

  20. Mark Sawyer says:

    Hahahaha, this is amazing. Your granddad is fantastic.