Grandma Died In Our Kitchen When She Heard What My Mom Said

Grandma Died In Our Kitchen When She Heard What My Mom Said

I Couldn’t Save My Grandma From My Evil Mother
I Couldn’t Save My Grandma From My Evil Mother And Now I Am Becoming Evil Too
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music: akram artoul

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100 Responses

  1. Miss Nina says:

    *OH no that titel sounds horrible* 👀
    Poor granny 🙁

  2. Jomel Magpayo says:

    If you love your grandmother 💕

    👇 Press this…

  3. Dagan Ward says:

    You’ve got an evil mother?

    Lets send her to the ranch

    • Elmo Elmo says:

      @Tyrex Dragon the #1 bonnie fan! good thing my best friend is my gf skeet skeet go beat ur own dads meat

    • alexa jasso says:

      What that

    • David Tichborne says:

      my family is still alive yes but struggling with severe mental and physical health problems to tell you the truth I understand there issues and I love them because still my family but I just don’t want anything to do with them because of the abuse neglect pain hurt and the manipulation that they put us through and by doing so passing those psychological problems onto us and then blaming us for it

    • Anthony Sanchez says:

      Rude mother

    • PinkDiamond Girl says:

      Don’t pull a Felix on me!!

  4. Mardiya Omar says:

    I don’t know how it feels to have a grandma but i think pple who still have any of their grandparents are lucky.

    • Sagrario Morales Martinez says:

      B. Vv

    • Esturiia says:

      Super lucky

    • Adria Rose says:

      Everyone’s experiences with having a grandmother in their lives is different. I was very close to my Nana before she passed away when I was 13 years-old. The only grandparent I have left is my paternal grandmother. What I’ve learned from my experiences is that you should always cherish every moment you have with your loved ones. Whether it’s a grandmother, a parent, a sibling or a friend, love reveals itself in unexpected ways. Time is a gift itself, so never waste it. Learn from the mistakes of others.

    • Sarah Yuari says:

      Uwu I’m lucky

    • Venisa Reynolds says:

      Both of my grandparents died before I was born…(both sets I mean) and, my great grandmother died 4 years ago… I loved my great grandmother so much and when she died I absolutely balled out crying,… I miss her.

  5. Your Favorite Lifecoach says:

    Sounds like a horror movie i would watch.

    Coming to theaters near you.. MY EVIL MOTHER

  6. Kinum Atsitwab says:

    *I misses my grandma 😢 I wish I had more time with her while she was alive back then. I regret that I didn’t give more time to her before 💔*

    *Now I had my own child and I will tell her that she should pay attention to my mom her grandmother before she regret everything.*

    *Grandma, I miss you so much 😢*

    • MaDavis809 says:

      My grandmother was really close to me and when she passed I missed her really much. I was about 10 or so when she passed away and I knew her for the entirety of my early childhood. I still miss her sometimes but just remembering the great times we had together always manages to make me feel better, even if she isn’t here to remember them with me.

    • Gamila Radwan says:

      I lost my grandma too.. She died and I didn’t have enough time to stay with her she doesn’t live near me i feel guilty about myself

    • Christian Heckman says:

      I miss my granddad he died in front of me when i was 8 1/2 and it was me him and my dog at that time my parents and less than 1 year old at the time brother were food shopping😩😩😩😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😥

    • Latasha Hall says:

      I missed both of my grandmas so much. But it was a blessing to see them both. Although I could have spend more time with grandma Lola.

    • Cheyanne White says:

      My grandma died a year before I was born even though I didn’t know her but I still miss her

  7. x says:

    This is how many people are under 18


  8. Duchi says:

    *Bianca:* I couldn’t save my Grandma from my Evil Mother
    *The Promised Neverland:* I couldn’t save my siblings from my Evil Mother

  9. Leah Fosdick says:

    The slap mark kept changing sides of her face XD

  10. Jessina Gurung says:

    I feel how you feel..I’m 9 right now I’ve lost my grandpa and grandma before I was born

  11. Luke Skywalker Endor says:

    This story reminds me of one of Actually happended stories: I Saved my mom from my abusive grandma

  12. ali666317 says:

    I love that.
    “I wish I could slap her and beat her” well you can she’s just a person.

  13. Sarah Neves says:

    Wait… her grandma is her mom’s mother and was married to his dad’s father?! WAIT WHAT?! 😑

  14. Sama Almokdad says:

    I literally cried my grandma is in her 70s and soon 80s but she’s in good health 😭💖

  15. POKEMON TCG says:


  16. Krishnamoorthi Jagadeeswaran says:

    If u like ur
    Evil mother=comment

  17. JJ says:

    I mean… you’re a teenager and you’re starting to feel spiteful.

    Sounds like a classic case of puberty

  18. Mr 007 videos says:

    *why people used to think like old people are burden?* I love my grandma😞😭

    • Professer Paints says:

      my great nan died last september and leading up to her death everyone was respectful, helpful and sad nobody acted like this video, the mother in this video appalled me. I know bianca said she was turning into her mum being mean to her but i disagree. The mum did something awful and completely within her control so Bianca has a right to be mad. The grandma was helpless and had no choice so the mum shouldn’t be mad at her. I understand it may get a littlw frustrating at times but why take it out on her

    • Sara Swinerton says:

      Mr 007 videos not all people have good grad parent I don’t rely and my friend has not so good one

    • Cami Sly says:

      I have great grandmas

    • Sara Swinerton says:

      Cami Sly um ok

    • sk says:

      Firefly alright then, you’ll be a burden too.

  19. Miryam Turkistani says:

    I just cried after I heard what the mom did bc I love both my grandmas my grandmas are amazing I love them

  20. Dayter Potater says:

    This is how many times the thumbnail changed

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