Grandma Tries VR for the First Time

Grandma Tries VR for the First Time

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20 Responses

  1. Diego Hurtado says:

    I really hate this kind of People…??
    ? ? ?

  2. Jack L (Astronaut50) says:


  3. Heber Lopez says:

    They showed her a video filmed vertically.

  4. Kadmosthegreat says:

    Sounds just like the audio of the first chimps sent into space…

  5. Casey Heath says:


  6. gorge lucas says:

    ghetto vr

  7. Dontbeweakvato says:

    they seemed to of left out the fact that grandma , literally, just did a
    line of blow right before filming this

  8. Martin valles says:


  9. fake geoff says:


  10. Sporeman2678 says:

    Maaaaarrrkkkkk Nuuuuuutttttt!!!

  11. Cevin Wtm says:


  12. Ragesauce says:

    the screaming was way over the top.

  13. Caitlyn Jones says:

    *I bet she saw BIG BLACK DICKS*

  14. Rob N says:

    Imagine the phone was off.

  15. Randy Steele says:

    Obnoxious old bitch!

  16. Happiness Bunny says:

    That’s how I am when I’m high

  17. Kanderson says:

    What is she looking at?

  18. jredhernandez says:

    And then, she dies… :v

  19. Louie Smith says:

    was she OK after this?

  20. Nintendo America says:

    Han Solo dies killed by his son Kylo ren