Grant Thompson, in Memoriam.

Grant Thompson, in Memoriam.

It is with great sadness to inform everyone that Grant Thompson passed away last night. Grant had great love and appreciation for his fans. We invite you to share your thoughts for Grant and the channel in the comments. Please do a random act of love or kindness today in honor of The King of Random. Grant’s legacy will live on in the channel and the global community he created.

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30 Responses

  1. Aden Cooper says:

    R.I.P, you were one of the greatest influences in my life, you encouraged me to pursue art and stuff like that, always brought me fun and happiness in dark times and just all around light, you will be missed

  2. Adam says:

    I am just floored! This is very sad to hear about. I wish his family peace during this tough time. I really sorry for your loss.

  3. RedzMC says:

    Gone but never forgotten, may you rest in peace and continue to bring greatness to this world. Prayers out to his family and close friends ♥️?

  4. CreamWorks Animations says:

    This was such a ‘random; death. No words.. R.I.P. Legend of Random.

  5. Alyssa Thongsan says:

    Rest In Peace,I’m shocked of what I’m hearing.. blessings to his family ?

  6. JS H says:

    May he and everyone who passed in 2019 fly high. To soon

  7. 신동범 says:

    wait what? no! may the king rest in peace
    this is honestly the most depressing news I have encountered in long time

  8. Sebastian Says says:

    If I did the math correctly, he wasn’t even 40 dudes. He didn’t have enough time. May he R.I.P.

  9. SLOTH ASMR says:

    I feel so bad he enspared me to become a engernet

  10. Kill me please says:

    I used to watch him when I was younger! This is heartbreaking when I saw this 🙁

  11. Bailey Parsels says:

    You will live in our hearts. And I will miss you and your ideas. I hope you were happy making us happy every day we got home from school or work.
    Let the gods of Ideas take you into their open arms and let you sit with them for eternally.
    Rest In Peace. The most creative man on earth.

  12. periah250 says:

    Do…do i thumbs up for support or thumbs down for the tragedy?

  13. Evan Olsson says:

    Our king is dead, we are left without a ruler. May he forever rest in peace

  14. Mitch DxD says:

    R.I.P Brother – May We Meet Again. Its so upsetting My Regards to his family members ???

  15. Jackie Boy says:

    This man made me love DIY I made a lot of his projects myself, RIP SIR

  16. Clarinda T. says:

    Thank you for your legacy that continues to live on. Rest In Peace ❤️

  17. X_Sparked_ X says:

    It was a paragliding accident.
    Rip man . ??

  18. why do we History. says:

    Now the mighty DIY King may lay his crown at the feet of the king of kings. Keep rocking in heaven my man. ✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌

  19. No Name says:

    That insta Ice changed my life forever, R.I.P brother, forever a YouTube legend

  20. - - says:


    Hope you in a better place now
    Rest easy and you’ll forever be in our hearts

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