Grapple Bow Fortnite Mythbusters (New Bow)

Grapple Bow Fortnite Mythbusters (New Bow)

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25 Responses

  1. Jocsan Mendez says:

    Also thanks for the video too Birdo!!!

  2. Birdo says:

    What else should I try with the grapple bow???

  3. p0K n N00B says:

    Me:lets go I’m gonna be first

    My internet:not today buster

  4. Qus Stars says:

    i can already imagine Lazarbeam using this and saying YEET

  5. Elytraツ says:

    I kept on saying YOOOOO!! after the last 2 myths lmao

  6. Aayan Shimaan says:

    Friend : Finds out you can buy at stealthy and that preadator is gone

    Also me : I understood the words predator and gone

  7. FightMeJello C says:

    When you can grapple on a rocket
    Me: Let’s gooooo! Trick shots are back!
    Me realizing that snipers aren’t in the game: oh.

    also I know that there are still trickshotters that can do trick shots without snipers. It’s just harder without them….

  8. #1 Victory Royal says:

    The potential of this is insane

  9. Jimmy Neutron says:

    i wish this was in creative because legit everyone is landing there

  10. Devin the gamer says:

    It’s basically halleyes bow but they got rid of some things

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