Grass hut

Grass hut

I built this grass hut up on a ridge. It’s roughly parallel with the tiled hut and wattle and daub hut that are a couple of hundred meters away down in a valley. I built it on a ridge to get away from mosquitoes in wet weather. This project took 7 days to make. I looked for a spot and cleared it on the first day, built the frame on the second, and spent the next 5 collecting grass. The type of grass is Guinea grass, an introduced species here in Australia meant for live stock. This grass is difficult to collect in this dry forest and I had to climb further into the mountain to get it.
The design is a simple pointed dome that’s easy to build. The tools used were simply sharp stones and a digging stick. It’s 2.5 m wide and 2 m tall. 8 lawyer cane strips were driven into the ground to form the ribs of the structure and hoops of cane were put over this to attach the grass to. Vine was used to tie the frame together and to tie handfuls of long grass to it. When the hut was almost finished a cap was made and lifted onto the top of the dome to finish it.
This hut is easy to build and houses a large volume. The shape is wind resistant and strong for it’s materials. Gaps can be seen in the thatch but not if viewing from directly underneath meaning that it should shed rain well. A fire should be possible in the hut as long as it’s small and kept in a pit in the center.The reason the hut took so long is due to the scarcity of grass on the hill. It could be built much quicker in a field.

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20 Responses

  1. McCree says:

    the new minecraft looks great

  2. Black Donatello says:

    Take this W my white nigga

  3. Just being honest says:


  4. blodgram says:

    would this shelter against rain?

  5. tekken1234 says:

    Why don’t you cover yourself up against mosquitoes and other insects et al?

  6. Martin Tse says:

    you’re lucky you’re in Queensland, it’s freezing down her in South

  7. 0mfgno says:

    This is a great tutorial for Ark, survival evolved.

  8. Le Great Bhüüf says:

    Is it fire-proof?

  9. Absolut187 says:

    wow I feel like this must take a really long time to build

  10. Exequiel Hardy says:

    muy bueno excelente??

  11. John Smith says:

    when hes gonna invent the wheel?

  12. Sagano96 says:

    i’d ba scared to see that standing in a forest somewhere

  13. Dat video guy says:

    could you cover the grass with clay to make the hut more waterproof?

  14. Robotic Keyboard says:

    This guy’s channel name should be “CaveMan with a Camera”

  15. james franklin says:

    bruh its the middle of winter why cant you wear a shirt

  16. TheWolfGames says:

    you should make a grass door for it just in case a animal walks inside

  17. Funk Fox says:

    Do you lift in conjunction with this hobby? Or have all of your gains come
    from this?

  18. john wilson says:

    How long did this take you to make?

  19. Ralph Williams says:

    How did it hold up in the rain?

  20. Brody Thorne says:

    Great to see you back!