Great Britain vs. USA Highlights | 2023 World Baseball Classic

Great Britain vs. USA Highlights | 2023 World Baseball Classic

Team Great Britain takes on Team USA in Pool Play!

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53 Responses

  1. illuminahde says:

    These have been great. MLB should push these more. It’s just fun baseball to watch

  2. Shane Arnold says:

    What a time to be a cardinals fan, wainwright gets the opening start and goldy and arenado hitting 3 4 in the lineup contributing and driving in runs, love it

    • Lou.Buckzz says:

      @James Hughes relax 😂😂 the risk they have getting hurt here would be the same if they were in spring training

    • James Hughes says:

      Will you still be happy if one of them gets hurt in a meaningless tournament & costs them their season??

    • Álex Rodríguez says:

      And thanks to a ex-cub Schwarber won

    • Lou.Buckzz says:

      Same here being a Phillies fan with JT, Trea Turner, & Kyle schwarber on the team. Rooting for Dominican Republic but i gotta support USA as well😂

    • BritishBaseballFan says:

      Cards prospect Matt Koperniak was playing for britain yesterday he was born in London.

  3. Skippy the Alien says:

    those Great Britain uniforms look like they were made in five minutes lol

  4. Kirk Larson says:

    Arenado & Goldy were the most impressive tonight.

    They kept saying during commentary how serious those two were taking it and it showed.

    Good at bats, good defense and running out every ball. They’re captains for sure!

    • Big Dog says:

      @Josh T they are all professional baseball players and almost all of them are not even British

    • Old Ben Kenobi says:

      @Josh T I was literally born in 2006 so if I even had a rap career in the first place I would count that as successful.

    • Josh T says:

      @Brandon Morris I’m not mad, your BFFs are just too soft & sensitive. I’m mad at Crime, politicians and hypocrisy but not mad at new Fans to WBC. I don’t hate you. Why are you so Mad at me?

    • Brandon Morris says:

      @Josh T bro why are you so mad?

  5. Jin says:

    I’m American, so pulling for team USA isn’t really a question, but part of me wonders how it would be if GB goes far. I’d love to see baseball grow a lot more in the UK. Good game, and best of luck to our friends across the pond!

  6. Mike Loosemore says:

    As a Great Britain fan, it’s a huge victory we only lost by 4 runs

    • YaboiWade says:


    • Skippy the Alien says:

      @Mike Loosemore people overrate Spring Training so much. Shohei Ohtani had one of the worst spring trainings i’ve ever seen in 2018 and people said he couldn’t even play Double-A ball. now look at him lol

    • Skippy the Alien says:

      not only did they keep the margin close…they led Team USA for 2 innings. That’s impressive

    • Jamie Pike says:

      @Mike Loosemore relentless US overpowers GB is a ridiculous headline by MLB. The gulf in the teams is beyond comparison in most other sports.

    • Mike Loosemore says:

      @Jamie Pike Agreed. I may be rooting for Great Britain now, but we need USA to make it all the way, and this will only get them back to spring training

  7. Jimmy Jac says:

    Great Game! Go USA 🇺🇸 🦅

    • Blaine W says:

      @CaptinBringdownit’s called the World Series because players are from all different countries, it has nothing to do with where the teams are based, Major League Baseball is just located in the US, I suggest you delete this comment, I got second hand embarrassment for you

    • Jxcksoneditz says:

      @CaptinBringdown now I know you are 1. Not American 2. Don’t watch baseball

    • Rebeca Guzman says:

      Pero se dejan ganar de venezuela

    • Sig M250 says:

      ​@CaptinBringdown Somebody’s a wittle angy

    • Geo says:

      @CaptinBringdown The united states tied with great britain in soccer/football. It isn’t even our sport. However, you guys over there play it as your main sport. It was time that you guys had to play our second main sport. (behind American football) Look what happened…

  8. Mark says:

    I like how the back of Team USA’s jersey looks just like the Braves home jersey.

    Great Britain on the other hand, their uniforms look as if they went to a local sporting goods store the day before the tournament and had them press some letters on to the front

  9. きりんたそ says:

    I can’t wait for the US-Japan match.
    I don’t think we can hold this monstrous lineup.
    It will be a great match.

    • きりんたそ says:

      @White Recluse They are no longer treated as human beings.

    • White Recluse says:

      Love watching both American and Japanese baseball

    • White Recluse says:

      Japan has Ohtani, the US considers him one of the greatest plain MLB

    • きりんたそ says:

      @Skippy the Alien I’d love to see that matchup too.
      The more matches we have, the more revenue we can expect, so I don’t blame you.
      I can only hope that if the WBC becomes a tournament that attracts more attention from around the world in the future, the problems will be corrected.

    • Skippy the Alien says:

      i want to see Japan play D.R. or Puerto Rico or Venezuela. I hate the way this tournament is set up where all the Asian teams have to play each other instead of a true blend of teams. I understand why they set it up like this (money, marketing, cut down on travel etc.) but it’s one of the weakest aspects of this tournament

  10. 洪坤良 says:

    this is what I call the real world series

    • shadybrain3424 says:

      @RES 33 thats how they viewed it back in 2009 and we left in 8th place. we’ve had to start taking it seriously because it we kept getting embarrassed. unforturnately, we will probably never see the top pitchers from the US though. Go look at the PR, and DR teams and tell me its just a fun exhibition match.

    • TheGigaChadWhoAsked says:

      𝘚𝘦𝘷𝘦𝘳𝘢𝘭 𝘗𝘦𝘰𝘱𝘭𝘦 𝘢𝘳𝘦 𝘛𝘺𝘱𝘪𝘯𝘨

    • Reagles8 says:

      @thefox47 Yes, but its once every four years and its an MLB sanctioned event. MLB makes money off of it and the owners just pocket it without releasing their top American pitchers. Had the potential to be a best on best, but the owners ruined it. Whatever I have no interests in MLB baseball anymore and will only watch the WBC

    • thefox47 says:

      But it’s all about the money. Every player from around the world wants to play in the MLB, that’s the highest tier, not really this WBC. So the MLB IS a world event. USA does NOT have their best pitchers on the team, so it’s less “worldly” than you might think.

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