Great Dane Dog Pouts Until Mom Gives Him A Morning Hug – KERNEL | The Dodo

Great Dane Dog Pouts Until Mom Gives Him A Morning Hug – KERNEL | The Dodo

Dog Pouts Until Mom Gives Him His Morning Hug | This dog is literally the biggest mama’s boy ever. For more of this giant goofy pup, you can check him out on Instagram:

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41 Responses

  1. BNI BOI says:

    First dodo notification squad great video!!

  2. ChiaNha Yang says:

    lol love you guys so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Hellooo says:

    Awww…Kernel is one mummy’s boy & he needs lots of affection!Love this heartwarming vid by Dodo!💙💙💙👍

  4. Fluffy Seal2809 says:

    💕So adorable I love dogs so much💕
    🐶Early 🐶

  5. Vi B says:

    Kernel is a gorgeous doggo🐕💋💚

  6. Luna Eclipse says:

    Not even Scooby can beat this level of cuteness.

  7. Golden Warner says:

    Awwwwww, Kernel is sooooo sweet!

  8. Chuck Keough says:

    I thought dogs hated hugs…

    My Joe is almost 14, yorkie / dachshund mix, 25 lbs. He was never into hugging.. Likes the bridge of his nose rubbed when I clean his eye boogies twice daily or so and loves to be brushed out until I get near his feet… And he has a sweet spot behind his tail on his butt. Weird thing, Joe has never had a tickle spot, like never done that leg kick when his belly is scratched.


      Chuck Keough You brought home a cat. 😂😂

    • Smh says:

      Chuck Keough You are EVERYWHERE

    • Chuck Keough says:

      He has a fetish with cats! Over the years he has been swatted on the nose about a few times. He don’t care though… he bugs them, trying to sniff them all up in their business, gives them a play bow and proceeds to try and play… As you know cats are not very receptive to a crazy love sick dog. When I say “kitty kitty kitty” he loses his mind and gets super jealous.

    • reba kows says:

      Chuck Keough like people may animals have their own personality…… many cats and dogs like hugs  many don’t….. I have 2 13 year old cats boy loves hugs girl doesn’t….

    • Chuck Keough says:

      I have had two cats, got them both when I was 19… Smokey lived 19 wonderful years, Phoebe is still going well @ 24 years old. My ex wife took the cats though… I still visit Phoebe a couple times a week… Long enough to pet her and remind her who her daddy is. 😊

  9. Brucey says:


  10. The Stuport says:

    Kernel is The Comic Strip Marmaduke come to life!! TY as always The Dodo!! Cheers From Ohio Everyone!!

  11. 2115virgo13 says:

    Isn’t it funny how much they steal our hearts.

  12. Justin Y. says:


  13. Midnight Cravings says:

    Such a wonderful companion

  14. Jones Family says:

    Kernel is one special doggie!!

  15. KAYLEE YANG says:

    This is one of the most cutest things I ‘ve ever seen

  16. barcrrt says:

    You have made him so happy. The love hes returns is the love you gave him. It’s just so beautiful!

  17. Tina McLaughlin says:

    Kernel, a one dog army to love those infimed! WOOF!

  18. Rebecca Silvers says:

    Kernel is a sweet dog and he is a mommy’s dog and I can tell he loves you and you love him

  19. Reality Will Shatter In An Instant says:

    Aw. I have a Great Dane, she’s kinda small for her breed but we love her. She’s so sweet. Your dog is amazing.

  20. The Dodo says:

    Thumbs up if you wish you could get a hug from Kernel every morning!!! And for more of this giant goofy pup, you can check him out on Instagram:

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