Great Dane Too Big for Bed

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13 Responses

  1. Philip Morris says:

    Vertical video syndrome still exists

  2. Enna Gavric says:

    Es ist witzig aber ich tscheke es ned▼.▼

  3. SilkyVidGaming says:

    God Dane it 

  4. CJL4603 says:

    If I fitz, I sitz.

  5. Andrew Emerson says:

    Still a puppy at heart. 

  6. ManufacturedLack says:

    Looks like the dog that the FBI agent shot in the park. Can you image how
    much trouble the woman would have been in if she would have shot the
    agent’s dog? Watch out for government thugs if you walk your dog in the

  7. Kevin Garcia says:

    my dick is too small for my wife’s butthole… 🙁

    jk i dont have a wife…
    or a dick… 🙁

    wuff wuff

  8. OwGosHh says:

    zayum the toe nails doe

  9. Natalie Kitchen says:

    THAT IS SUCH A PRETTY HORSIE! (God, I sound like I’m 5)

  10. BinkieMcFartnuggets says:

    That’s not a bed, that’s a cushioned nut pouch.

  11. Just Smile says:

    Lol! Poor thing.

  12. Tammy Miller says:

    Haha cute! I would get him a bigger bed though hahaha.

  13. Jose Rizal says:

    Do those dogs taste good?