Great mango cutting style

Great mango cutting style

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20 Responses

  1. PopusJuice says:

    That takes awhile to master it looks so cool :)

  2. Maninder Singh says:

    What country is this in ?

  3. aslam ansari says:

    Nice style

  4. M Sheridan says:

    one of the best things about living in L.A., this is considered fast food
    🙂 you can get it all over the place , also fresh cut watermelon, with
    coconut shavings!!! OMG this best.

  5. Oachkatzlan Schwoaf says:

    this guy is a street wizard!

  6. martin27 says:

    i’d eat that

  7. TeeOozy says:

    I love Mangos

  8. la flame says:

    im from LA.. and this aint new lol but coo to see..

  9. Jorge Gudino says:

    What country is that 

  10. Chief onioN™ says:

    you should’ve got some chili on it

  11. PocketAces says:

    Oh man that looks good 

  12. Samuel Martínez says:

    This a natural and typical snack in Mexico (in some states). I eat one
    almost everyday for breakfast!

  13. Danny Puran says:

    I guess cutting off peoples heads for a living eventually does pay off, his
    knife skills are amazing.

  14. News Tube says:


  15. RUMSKIE says:

    It’s in the Latino blood !

  16. Jeb Jimmy says:

    This is exactly what happened at mayhem against Westballz.

  17. netmatrix75 says:

    Rose mango!!!

  18. TooMuch Gaming says:

    yes same i see the skill here never knew how cool people are in the world

  19. Who In The Whut? says:

    man the mangos i get always have a huge pit in the middle. these look
    almost pitless.

  20. Alpha Lite says:

    Hope ya’ll have your Twinrix vaccinations.