I didn’t have any part of coming up with this whole idea, but saw it last night and thought it was pretty cool. Definitely don’t want to see my local pho houses and taco shops go out!!

Hoping all this won’t last long, but until then…

Stay healthy & ENJOY!!!

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53 Responses

  1. Matt Stonie says:

    Sorry, took abit to edit this and kinda too late to order food now.. (or maybe not) 🤔

    Just wanted to say whats up & check in. More Challenges to come!
    Stay safe & healthy everyone!

  2. ZedOrFed Zone says:

    Normal people: *Panic Buying*

    Matt Stonie: *PANIC EATING*

  3. Migz I says:

    Me: realizing how fast he eats
    Matt Stonie: takes half the vid just preparing the food

  4. seira Hefn says:

    if Matt gets corona virus, he’ll digest it.

  5. BroWorld says:

    Please everyone stay safe and wishing everybody a safe time during this pandemic let’s get through this together.

  6. Billy Yu says:

    Imagine this guy’s corona stock supplies

  7. Béa says:

    I’m disappointed at how short this video was but I like how you’re trying to help others by buying from them amidst all this chaos 👍

  8. Abstaplays says:

    his stomach is a void , endless black hole where food , light , and water get spagettified , get reduced to atoms and disappear into oblivion

  9. Blluid says:

    *so thats why everything was gone when i went corona shopping*

  10. XD XD says:

    I would be scared if I was his roommate during the corona pendemic 😶

  11. sakshi says:

    Everyone: stocking up for Corona

    Matt: *stocking up for lunch*

  12. Hashem says:

    0:23 , the loud slurping sound everyone makes when they drink something

  13. RedIsAKoolKolor says:

    Ok, Let’s be real here

    Half of us are here due to staying up all night.


    For Vietnamese, thank you for choosing our traditional food: PHỞ and Spring rolls (or GỎI CUỐN) for this idea👏👍! like if you really like PHỞ as me👇👇👇

  15. Classified 1 says:

    Wait so he gets to eat fast food and here my parents aren’t lettin Me even taste it 😭😭😭

    Soo luckkkyyy

  16. Pretentious Prick Pickle Picking Punk says:

    0:12 is me late at night, dreading my loneliness

  17. Panda_King 22 says:

    Matt in nursery

    Teacher: kids Matt forgot to bring his packed lunch today so I want you to share
    The other kids: NOOO
    Matt: >:)

  18. Carl Johnson says:

    Everybody buying large amount of food in PANIC.

    Matt:You know,I do that everyday without PANICING.

  19. Gamer Bendy says:

    Foods: *exist*

    Matt Stonie: I’ll take your entire stock

    • Zenigundam says:

      Yeah and how many times has this loser beaten Joey Chestnut or Kobayashi in the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest? When I marry a hot, legal teen, my sons will never grow up to be like him. They’ll be at the top of the hill, and if they lose, I’ll grill them on the spot.

      “Loser! Loser! Loser! You humiliated your brand! Get your bags and get in the car!”

  20. Cozmo GOAT says:

    We waited so long for this yes
    We need your content in these times lol

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