Greater Houston remains paralyzed as Harvey rages

Greater Houston remains paralyzed as Harvey rages

Neighbors and strangers are pitching in to help rescue those still stranded and trapped due to the storm’s torrential rain.

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20 Responses

  1. Maurice Taylor says:

    6.8 million people in shelters?

  2. 4Donutz says:

    When ads buffer i suffer

  3. destiny pop says:

    who else lives in houston… I do

  4. weesh ful says:

    oh my goodness, can you imagine going into labor during a hurricane?

  5. Pillgobbler says:

    GET OUT OF MY FUCKING YOUTUBE FEED!!!!!!! No matter how many times I hit the X button in the corner all that pops up is fucking ABC, CBS and CNN

  6. Game Squad says:

    Wow, this is just sad. God bless rescuers and people that live in texas

  7. kopfgeldjagar says:

    1) Thoughts and Prayers to Houston.
    2) #hashtagsareuseless

  8. Tanna Blackburn says:

    No matter the weather, Americans fight together.

  9. Gmon3y 142 says:

    Making fun of lifted trucks. Becomes the only taxi’s in the area

  10. gamertimed EX says:

    my uncle died and his kids R.I.P. uncle and cousins

  11. Matthew Thomas says:

    I live in dallas texas its fine over here they are bringing people in buses and kids to joins our schools for free… pray for the people in houston tx 🙏🙏

  12. Pittsburgh Gentlmen PA says:

    God bless Houston

  13. Alessandra Caballero says:

    Everyone are in my prayers

  14. Tiffany Jetter says:

    This is so terribly sad!!!!

  15. Kirby Chan says:

    I hope these people will be okay… ps anyone who is joking about this shouldn’t be because people have died, lost their homes and family, and have been heartbroken with no choice but to leave with only what they can carry. I doubt you’d be laughing if you were in the same situation.

  16. Randomguy 101 says:

    2:51 in the background, a blue smurf (of course with its white hat) can be spotted, displaced by the horrid flooding.

  17. Patrick Simpson says:

    This is what I like to see, Americans all working together as one. Not hating and killing each other over nonsense!

  18. kennedy jarvis says:

    I live in Houston and almost lost my house..I still feel lucky because many people have already lost theirs. God bless Texas.

  19. sex machine says:

    I hope mayweather donates some of the 350 million he got in last nights fight.

  20. Jeff Debban says:

    Insurance companies shook right now

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