Greatest Dodgeball Tournament EVER! Ft. RDCWorld1, AMP, Jidion, and MORE!

Greatest Dodgeball Tournament EVER! Ft. RDCWorld1, AMP, Jidion, and MORE!

LIVE From DreamCon on July 15th! Dodgeball returns with defending champs RDCWorld1 taking on the winner of AMP vs. Team Dream (feat, @JiDion , @ImStillDontai , @Vader’s Fortress , @CalebCity and @AfroSenju XL)


@Kai Cenat
@Duke Dennis
@Agent 00 Gaming
@ImDavisss Deluxe

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41 Responses

  1. Cam Wilder says:

    RDC needs competition… Zone 6 taking it next year

  2. JiDion says:

    Some Of the most fun I ever had

  3. Cierre 2 says:

    Love everyone who played and came out to have fun but when we talking about how much money was on the line, never let these refs touch foot in that place again, half the time they weren’t even looking and many times as long as the ref didn’t call it, people just stayed in after getting hit, on both sides, during the rdc vs amp match

  4. Dimes says:

    Mark and rdc are going back to back for sho but AMP is deadly

  5. Introvrt says:

    Ben really saved RDC from going down 3-1 basically the series. After Davis choked that 1v1 AMP wasn’t the same.


    When Agent 00 came through with the Pizza Hut Goal. He made a big mark in that game… 👍🏾😎👍🏾

  7. Slattt says:

    Ben keeping his team from going down 3-1 flipped the series completely AMP wasn’t the same after that

  8. Sleeze says:

    This was entertaining AF!! Fr s/o to everyone in the tournament. They all did they thing fr ! Fanum was going crazy with the moves. I fr thought he was the hood avatar for a moment there 😂😂😂

  9. Ultra Chadstinct Goku says:

    Everyone yet again played their hearts out, but from the very beginning I had my eyes set on Dream Team. Not the team you’d expect to play but excellent cast of creators. Haven’t seen kingvader in a HOT minute.

  10. Ross .B says:

    Ben kept RDC in the fight and Mark comes in clutch at the end

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