Greatest Wish | Anwar Jibawi & King Bach

Greatest Wish | Anwar Jibawi & King Bach



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20 Responses

  1. Anwar Jibawi says:

    Thanks for watching! Subscribe if you haven’t! New videos every week.

  2. ItsRosaaa says:

    The Telenovela one got me 😂

  3. Lia _joko says:

    Eid Mubarak to anwar and to all Muslims so excited for tomorrow!!

  4. • Alicecutie7 • says:

    This is Billy –> 🐼
    He has no friends, family, or love in his life

    1 like= 1 friend
    1 comment= A new family member
    1 subscribe= 1% more love towards Billy

  5. Jimson BVlog says:

    Guys today is my 17th birthday 🎉, can I get 17 likes and 1 sub?

  6. Alex & Rose says:

    Anwar is our favorite youtuber, he deserves way more subs! He inspires us to keep making videos 😊❤️

  7. The Legend Øf Jax says:

    When she started hitting him with the shoes, dead😂😂

  8. amira mira says:

    aid mobarak to all Muslims

  9. Marija Rodic says:

    One of the most creative creators out there. Keep kiling it Anwar😁

  10. Rhymg Yhxghshddwd says:

    العربي لايك 💛.

  11. 10,000 Subscribers Challenge Game says:

    Sooo. Can anyone translate what the lady was saying?

  12. Akram Gaming says:

    Every Time I Feel Bad I Go To The Youtube And Watch Anwar Jibawi You Are The Best
    Any Fans Of Anwar !!

  13. SwaggyIndian says:

    the greatest wish thoo, OMG. btw I make sketch comedy videos.

  14. Ashim Bhandari says:

    Someone translate the Spanish part please.

  15. John Sun says:

    It was my b day on June 24

  16. **GLITTER*BURST** says:

    Anwar Eid Mubarak boy….all the love from India

  17. Internet Freak says:

    Hey this vid was posted on my b-day

  18. Gameel II says:

    He’s full of ideas!! Nice video man. And happy Eid

  19. Hyper Hazic says:

    Eid Mubarak To All the Muslim’s Out There!

  20. Mafaca says:

    +1 (832) 814-1069

    Text me im bored people xD

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