Green Bay Packers vs. Miami Dolphins | 2022 Week 16 Game Highlights

Green Bay Packers vs. Miami Dolphins | 2022 Week 16 Game Highlights

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43 Responses

  1. Baby Kratos says:

    LFG packers defense went crazy today merry pickmas, everyone!! ❤🏈

  2. Xilence Red says:

    Even after the fumble and missed field goal, dolphins still could still afford two interceptions,3 was too many. Wow very bad throws back to back drives.

    • Presley Dunn says:

      @Joe Heasley Like 1 good play got called back but whatever.

    • Sean Wall says:

      @Joe Heasley they couldve called dpi on the dolphins every single play and let them get away with blatant dpi constantly

    • riff724 riff724 says:

      @Gold Tau if you notice , Tua has no pocket presence , Rodgers has more and uses his feet better , Tua really want blitzed all game or under extreme pressure , he’s not a game changer at all
      Rodgers is how much older and still got a few first downs with his legs

    • Andrew Neilson says:

      Stop blaming the refs. The bears deal with it every game. Tua is a decent QB but threw 3 picks in the second half. Not his best day. Didn’t deserve the win

    • Bautisto Pacheco says:

      @Joe Heasley Say what you will about Rodgers but the 49ers can have the best defense for a decade and still no rings to show for

  3. Caleb Douglas says:

    Boy did we need this victory

  4. Sunny M says:

    Man I’m convinced the 49ers broke Tua and Miami…Ever since then 🥴🤢

  5. Joseph H says:

    The Dolphins fans deserve better than this. Sometimes smart players just out work skillful players. Dolphins gotta lot of things to think about moving forward. 10:05 , This lost was unacceptable.

  6. PURPLE says:

    sorry dolphins fans but we really needed this

  7. beard and belly says:

    As a Packers fan, I don’t even want to think about whether it was luck today or whether the opponent just wasn’t consistent enough. Anyway, Merry Christmas from Germany and to everyone affected by the bad weather in the US: hang in there and take care of each other!!

    • Edster III says:

      Thanks, from someone who just got through the -50⁰ below zero wind chills and -10⁰ temperatures. Nothing like your face being STUNG by 40+MPH winds. Ouch!

    • beard and belly says:

      @Curt good Girl. Watson is a positive surprise this year and very important for Rodgers and the whole Team. He could be an upcomming Gamechanger. I wish St. Brown would have done better because i think he has a good talent too. And a (half) German Packer on the Field doing a good job would be very nice.🤟

    • smilanesi98 says:

      It is football. The Pack found ways to hand games to the opponent this year as well.

    • Free says:

      Thanks German Packer brother!

    • Toolness1 says:

      @gelas lawas Nobody cares, quit spamming unrelated videos it’s ridiculous

  8. ThePasterio says:

    Well. I told people if the Packers cant generate enough pressure on the qb they will need at least 2 turnovers to win. Especially in the playoffs. They got 3 int’s and barely won.

  9. crazyirish209 says:

    I think its crazy how Waddle and Hill are both so fast they can throw blocks for each other waaaaaay down the field and at high speeds.

  10. Boki says:

    That RB fumble was a huge momentum changer.

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