Green Bay Packers vs. Philadelphia Eagles | 2022 Week 12 Game Highlights

Green Bay Packers vs. Philadelphia Eagles | 2022 Week 12 Game Highlights

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56 Responses

  1. Renegade LK says:

    Didn’t think Packers run defense could get worse than the 2019 NFC Championship but here we freaking are.

    • Isaac Singleton says:

      @Cristian Torres hey dude go look at the 70s and 80s and then realize since Vince left packers have as many rings as the ravens and buccaneers, and you can look up how long they have been teams 😂 Packers front office is a joke 2 more decades of packers being at the bottom

    • Erick Rittle says:

      😭 agreed hurts to the core! 🧀

    • The_Pisces_Aries says:

      @Cristian Torres Packers are Garbage, 2 Coaches that were assistants for Packers went to SB with the Eagles, yet mediocre.. whatta dummy.. and your breath stink Cheese head. Stop saying the word mediocre please

    • Isaac Singleton says:

      @Jon Penguin imagine that packers drafting an athlete who doesn’t understand the game but they will teach him 😂 then 5 years later he is darnell savage

    • The_Pisces_Aries says:

      @Cristian Torres Respect the Pack? Yet you call other Teams mediocre? have some respect for the League, fk your team

  2. James Smith says:

    Green Bay’s defense has been their Achilles heel for over a decade now. You can’t win when you give up 40 points

  3. Animesempai0 On twitter says:

    Jordan Love looked poised. Arm was terrific. Threw with anticipation. Avoided some pressure, extended plays.
    The skill set has always been there. Hope to see more

    • nfldubois says:

      It was prevent defense calm down there

    • Seth Tuler says:

      @CRASH He ended up throwing 6/9 for over 140yds and a TD… Rodgers threw 2 ints this game… lol If you don’t count dropped passes which aren’t Love’s fault, he would have thrown 8/9, the only incomplete pass he would have had would have been the throw on the run into the endzone. Explain how he played “awful”? Every pass short of the one I just mentioned were right between the numbers.

    • FHS24DC REBORN says:

      @CRASH literally he went 6/9 with 113 yards and 1 td he had 3 incompletions and they weren’t even that awful…. And I’m a Washington fan

    • Helen Prince says:

      It’s time that the Old Man is benched and Jordan Love is allowed to play full time. Rodgers has aged like milk but he just keeps holding on and trying to relive his glory days from way back in the Mists of Time.

    • Shinde425 says:

      @Ricky Diggler You ain’t bursting mine lmao, Im an eagles fan.

  4. The Green Ranger Stories says:

    As an eagles fan we are truly missing Jordan Davis , but it’s a game at a time

    • lewis w says:

      @Anotherway 18 suh and joseph are placeholders until we get Davis back. We have enough firepower on offense to be okay without Goedert for a few weeks. We just dropped 40 without him. You’re a casual and know nothing about football (especially the Eagles).

    • Sherwin John says:

      @Anotherway 18 Bruh teams run for two full more yards per rush without Jordan Davis in the lineup. We scored 40 points tonight we were fine on offense.

    • xBaconGrizzler69 says:

      @Anotherway 18 they have AJ Brown(when he’s not performing the Fumblerooski Act) Devonta Smith and Quez Watkins. Those are some decent security blankets lol

    • xBaconGrizzler69 says:

      @Anotherway 18 that is honestly not as true as u think. When Davis went out my dead grandmother was able to run the ball all over the defense. Clearly the offense can put up points without Goedert. Don’t get me wrong Goedert is still a very important piece of the offense, but Davis is almost singlehandedly the difference between a good and bad rum defense.

    • LIL2TIMES says:

      @Paul Mc Go he’s breaking back in and I think he’s completely broken back in to the offense he been playing good for these past weeks and the giants game it was supposed to be 1 pick cause it was supposed to be a free play but the refs aint call it

  5. Thomas Sankara says:

    I’m still in awe of the Jump Jalen Hurts has made. I knew he’d be a top 12 QB this season and we’d be a Contender, but to become a Top 3 QB in the NFL over 1 off season is incredible. Hurts became the standard for Dual Threat QBs. Sensational.

  6. Bluefox12 Factsbeforefeelings says:

    Can’t say the defense gave up 30points for Philly, because their special teams had Green Bay starting at mid field all night. Philly gotta fire that special teams coach. It’s a big weak link on a strong team.💯

  7. EnterTheCarp says:

    Hurts is smart to not sell out at the goal line. He stays healthy and he knows his team will score anyway.

    • Seth Tuler says:

      @Robert Pearce Because in this league, a flag most certainly would have been thrown for unnecessary roughness if he tried to lay him out.

    • James Pennix says:

      @Steve Sand out of all teams the eagle s only lost is to the Washington redskins … Should they be worried.

    • Robert Pearce says:

      The cornerback did not fancy the contact much either. He was happy that he only had to give Hurts a little push over the sideline.

    • Thomas Hauer says:

      Eagle confidence. The bird knows its gonna strike.

      For the City ✊

    • Steve Sand says:

      also why would you when green bay has proven that they can’t stop anyone all year, especially the run game of the eagles, green bay (their offense) hung tough and i think rodgers and love both would have ended up losing cause their defense just can not stop the eagles… not many can, i realize they have an easier schedule but it’s not their fault they decided to build a contender and no other nfc team besides dallas did too, and minnesota but i still think eagles, then dallas, then minnesota

  8. Yasuke 96 says:

    Ealges O LINE is the engine room the whole team plays off. Beautiful to watch!

    • TEXT+①(③②①) ④②⑥-⑧⓪④⓪ says:

      Thanks for the feedback, expect more videos soon send a direct message I have something special for you…………………………✔️

  9. Thomas Sankara says:

    Despite Special Teams, and Our Run Defense being a concern, this was a great win. Our Offense clicked throughout the entirety of the game, despite the turnovers. Jalen Hurts was sensational as always, Miles Sanders shows again that he’s a Top 10 RB, and on Defense Blankenship played great as he filled in for CJGJ. #FlyEaglesFly

  10. Sports311 says:

    The fact that Jalen Hurts led the team in rushing is astonishing, but at the same time very alarming. The eagles have to be very careful not to expose him to too many design QB runs and use Miles Sanders more in the running game so that Jalen doesn’t get hurt running

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