Green Bay’s Punt Block & TD!

Green Bay’s Punt Block & TD!

The Packers pull off an amazing special teams play to secure an early lead. The Minnesota Vikings take on the Green Bay Packers during Week 2 of the 2018 NFL season.

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38 Responses

  1. Liam Svanoe says:

    Go pack go!

  2. Brendan Jones says:

    Go packersss

  3. Dora Martin says:


  4. Calvin Kim says:

    The vikings fans that were smiling when jacksom did a leap… which side you on? Lol

  5. xj0858199 says:

    Go pack go #Josh Jaxson
    Go Iowa

  6. Claw Sane says:

    I posted a video check it

  7. Matt Hester says:

    RIP that dudes hand 🀚🏻

  8. Tyron Wells says:

    14-7 Lets go pack go

  9. vajleexi says:

    I told you all that the Packers and Rodgers was going to annihilate the Vikings. Just admit to it this year is Packers year to win Superbowl. Defense don’t mean jack-squat if your offense can’t score right Viking fans? Lmao…

  10. Kevin Branam says:

    Queens of the north. Packers will always be the kings

  11. burrvisiontv says:

    Go Pack Go

  12. N. Ramsey says:

    I’m amazed how many people don’t know that hitting the punter is fine as long as you hit the ball first.

  13. Mitt Mittens says:

    One of the best plays I’ve ever seen. Go Pack Go. We are winning the Super Bowl.

    • TTundragrizzly says:

      Super bowl? lmfao. They should be 0-2. No team can ever win a superbowl that is a one man team. IF Rodgers goes down they are average at best. With him they are a very one dimensional team. I’m not even trying to hate on GB. They’ve had a hell of a ride this past decade. But IMO they will be lucky to even get a wildcard birth.

    • Anthony DeGrazia says:

      TTundragrizzly hey easy my man he still thinks the cards are going to the World Series πŸ˜‚. I know GB isn’t going to the SB but that’s who this man is thinking these teams are winning it all.

    • Tim Schnell says:

      Mitt Mittens Doubt that very much. It’s way too early in the season to be making accurate predictions about that stuff

    • UNICORNZZZ lolz says:

      +Mitt Mittens I’v𝗲 sp𝐞nt *8 days, 16 hours Π°nd 49 minutes* ᴏn Y0uTub𝐞 s1nc𝗲 17.5.2018! Ch𝐞ck y𝞸ur stats:

  14. Dylan Bracken says:

    Josh going for rookie of the year! Good job bro.

  15. fan of crazykoubs!! says:

    go pack go!!

  16. Twinkle Twat says:

    Shout out to number 81 who set it up! It’s always the supports that make this possible πŸ‘

  17. Pam Mckellar says:

    Bet you alot of those packer fans cut a fart when he blocked that punt and score a touch down !

  18. Michael says:

    Mason Crosby isn’t clutch

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