Green Day – Back In The USA (Official Music Video)

Green Day – Back In The USA (Official Music Video)

Live out the American Dream with the new video for Back In The USA.

Blessed are those who listen to God’s Favorite Band – the new greatest hits album is out everywhere now. Go stream or download the ultimate playlist of 22 hits including “Back In The USA” & “Ordinary World” ft. Miranda Lambert

Directed by Brendan Walter and Greg Yagolnitzer

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50 Responses

  1. Gunners Production. says:

    Awesome ! The chorus reminds me of Stay the night, so good !

  2. Reapercidic says:

    Green Day is back at it again, creating songs that amaze me every time.

  3. LordRod says:

    Tre Cool for U. S president

  4. Mateusz Spysiński says:

    i simply love them!

  5. takeyourpants off says:

    Im not God but Green Day is my fav band

  6. TheKawaiiLime says:

    Holy shit i thought green day split up holy shit im so happy

  7. EtherFoxMIDI says:

    I like how the couple looks disgusted when they saw what they were eaten was green! XD

  8. Luciana Sofia Molano Rincon says:


    First Fall Out Boy and now Green Day…

  9. Gabriel Morningstar says:

    Does he age tho.?

  10. Kashyap Pandit says:

    Green Day. Definitely the best band of our generation. Thanks for still being political aware and rising up to the politics.

  11. Paola Chávez says:

    Tre’s face it’s gold 0:54

  12. ProstoAlexey says:


  13. Some Kid says:

    He just doesn’t age does he?

  14. LSXFAN 330 says:

    Who else can’t stop watching this video?? Love it!!

  15. Andika Pratama says:

    Young billie

  16. Idiot Nation says:

    I love them so much! Where is the Idiot nation?!? 🙋

  17. David Hudson says:

    Vote for Billie Joe Armstrong being the next president in 2020.

  18. RedPhoenix37 says:

    Ladies & Gents: GREEN DAY.

  19. Samizein says:

    Amazing! Thank god Green Day is still going strong!

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