Gregg Popovich advising Pelicans to not cave to Lakers on Anthony Davis – Stephen A. | First Take

Gregg Popovich advising Pelicans to not cave to Lakers on Anthony Davis – Stephen A. | First Take

Stephen A. Smith reports on what he has heard around the league about the New Orleans Pelicans being resistant to dealing Anthony Davis to the Los Angeles Lakers before the February 7th NBA trade deadline.

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64 Responses

  1. Cj 92 says:

    I honestly think he should go to OKC him Paul Geaorge and Westbrook would be a championship team

  2. xvegeta13 says:

    I’m all for players requesting a trade in their last year or if something completely awful tske place and I’m for signing where they want in free agency it’s their life. If you sign a contract though and youre making that commitment follow through. Dont try and bully your way out to a specific location because things aren’t perfect. You agreed yourself to x amount of dollars for so many years of service deal with it. Ask for the trade if you’re unhappy, but dont be a baby about it and start telling other teams you dont wanna be there either and won’t stay before you even get there.

  3. Akylas Strat says:

    What was the state of the NBA when Thomas played days after his sister died and through injury, just to get traded one month later?

  4. hei says:

    Lol if its lebron then it’s a problem..

  5. Sillyrits says:

    Pop just wants Davis to go to the east… smart move.

  6. Elstons Gun says:

    Spurs: Yo don’t take that bait from the Lakers bro. They scheming. Also, we got LA, Patty Mills and some day passes to the Alamo for AD.

  7. rochae 03 says:

    Shoutout to the man in the saints attire displaying the face of New Orleans for January 2019

  8. FV says:

    Isn’t that tampering tho????

    • MizzY Moss says:

      He just don’t want lakers to win nun

    • Joseph Matthews says:

      +MizzY Moss nah, if you got players forcing trades that makes contracts irrelevant and gives an unfair advantage to the big markets like LA. If you sign a contract to be an electrician for company A and before your contract is up you try to force them to send your contract to company B which is a direct competitor to company A – you’re being a snake and giving a competitive advantage to the bigger companies.

      Signing a contract is like giving your word and a man is only as good as his word. To be fair though Pelicans did Davis dirty by kicking Cousins out so I don’t blame him for being angry but saying “LA ONLY” is a step too far.

      If you are an LA fan I get why you would think everything they do is golden and even their farts smell like roses though, but this situation is a bit jacked up.

    • Hasan Dutton says:

      +Joseph Matthews well it’s not tampering definitely can be collusion

  9. Alleviate says:

    Pop is a legend for this goin to LA would be the easy move sure it might be tampering but what Lebrons doing isn’t Pop is fine for this all y’all r butthurt lakers fan who hype up every free agent only to see them sign with another team cuz y’all suck ?‍♂️

    • zeeky says:

      Alleviate not for long also btw have you ever heard of Shaq Howard lebron wilt Kareem

    • Ricky Dhillon says:

      Alleviate You sound like one of those fuckboys praying Lakers don’t end up with anyone and are planning to live every day being a cocky dick until they finally get those superstars

    • Scott D says:

      +zeeky celtics have more titles than la fakers, get your facts straight

    • v Mahntle says:

      Demon Jaywap relax you guys haven’t been to playoffs in five years, it will be the same this year.

  10. Colby Martinez says:

    Saints fan in the back is blinking in Morse Code feeding Brady crucial info to beat the Rams #confirmed

  11. Dbrotrue1000 Jones says:

    All this is lebron james work remember when he was in the Cavs trying get every player on the Cavs and it back fire on him got swept by the warriors.i hope Antony davis doesn’t fall for the trap and just weight it out lakers can’t figure out they situation with the players they got and coach the players too get better if they get Anthony david. its doesn’t mean the lakers go get a champship ring mf need too stop being on la la land and be realist antony david need 2 weight it out and dont let the lakers LeBron pressure him. Weight it out it’s anothere teams beside the lakers okc thunder raptors the rockets the spurs shit if the warrios want him go with the warrios too the lakers ain’t just your only option wait on your option don’t be a sucker and get sucker in

  12. nu range says:

    I’m sorry Anthony Davis is a great talent, and his numbers are great!! But this man has 2 other guys on his team averaging 20, and another guy giving you 16.5… all theres 6 guys that average at least 10 points a game……how on earth cant a supposed top 3 to 5 player in the league not find a way to win with that?? I dont wanna hear about not having enough help!! AD is just not a Lead player!! He’s a #2 option on a championship team and hes not a leader……..GREAT GREAT GREAT TALENT….but c’mon

  13. The Gingeyyy says:

    Didn’t Draymond tamper to get kd on the warriors tho?

  14. Michael Jordan says:

    The NBA is bullshit for small market teams. We might have well have every team be based in Los Angeles County.

  15. Coinraker says:

    Gregg Popovich telling Pels not to cave into Lakers = Bad.

    Media 24/7 trying to force teams to trade their stars to the Lakers to help their hero LeBron = Good

    Does that about sum it up?

  16. Trizly says:

    the guy in the background at 4:09 got hella giddy when he heard the possibility of the lakers getting nothing?

  17. jay619 says:

    LA needs to stop being so arrogant and start actually developing players. I mean my god they have blown so many top picks

    • Coinraker says:

      Garryn Shaffer, so the Warriors shouldn’t be allowed to sign A-list free agents because they’re too good? Funny, for the decades they sucked and every top free agent snubbed their nose at them I didn’t hear anybody whining about how unfair it was. Warriors built themselves up the right way, if y’all can’t handle that tough cookies.

    • Onlyrealmusic4life says:

      +Coinraker That is extremely rare. Who else has done that in the past 10 years? Everyone thinks they have big 3s in the making now because of the warriors and it’s just laughable when people act like Lonzo, Kuz, and BI are the next big thing.

    • Augustine Choi says:

      so many tops picks? bitch, get some wisdom. this is magic’s and rob’s second season in control. lmao@sooo many tops picks.. stop hating and take the laker’s cock out of your mouth, bitch

    • JP says:

      +Marcus Tristan show me more than 2 games to prove your point. After that, we can talk.

  18. Anthony Davis says:

    Omg stop this nonsense IM GOING TO LA with bron and klay

  19. Lebum James says:

    Organizations seek Pops advice on matters, i thought everyone knew Pops was a consultant/advisor???

  20. Frankie Russell says:

    Jimmy Butler requests a trade, trashes the entire T’wolve brand and mocks management, no fine. AD respectfully tells his teammates and FO he’s requesting a trade to the Lakers, $50,000 fine.

    • Austin Allen says:

      Its Politics, people don’t get fined for technicals or starting fights but when Devin Booker does, he gets fined as well.

    • Browns Fan Since 2017 says:

      Frankie Russell butler or his agent did not come out to the public and demand a trade though, reporters just found out after he requested one

    • Razor58 says:

      Frankie Russell bc it doesn’t count as tampering Jimmy never directly said to the media “I want a trade” Anthony Davis and his manager straight up went to the media and said he wanted out

    • MizzY Moss says:

      The league just wanna seem like they fair

    • MC Luvvyn says:

      Sorry but he didnt request . he just let his actions be known he didnt wanna be there he never publicy came out and said i wanna get outta mn

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