GRETA (2019) Ending Explained

GRETA (2019) Ending Explained

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In the suspense thriller GRETA, a young woman (Chloe Grace Moretz) finds a purse on a subway and makes friends with its owner. But she comes to learn that Greta is not at all what she appears, as she turns obsessive and violent.

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96 Responses

  1. -4 Subscribers with a hammer addiction says:

    Oh so she is a real life yandere

  2. Holly Skylar says:

    Haven’t clicked on something so fast.

  3. Kyrie Irving says:

    Still wanting for Pan’s Labyrinth…

  4. WolfBrothers says:

    Greta isn’t satisfied. You’re not you when you’re hungry.

    *eat a snickers*

  5. Violet says:

    Who else just watches these instead of paying to watch the actual movie

  6. Natalia Nugent says:

    Found Flix and dead meat are the closest I have gotten to watching any of these horror movies

  7. STONEY CARTER says:

    can’t wait for you to do “Us”, if you’re seeing it that is, btw thanks for
    another great ending video, always enjoying

  8. Lady Shay says:

    Moral of the story: *Bitches be crazy*

  9. Jordan Harris says:

    This movie taught me to not be a good person.

  10. AJ Welsh says:

    You know New York is actually a pretty safe place but I still think that it’s a pretty good rule of thumb to mind your own business when it comes to things that don’t really affect you. You’re walking home at night and you hear a weird sound in a dark alley maybe don’t worry about it.

    • Bobby Jr says:

      +Cato Rafael NYC as a whole isn’t safe place. I’m not talking about individual neighborhoods. Lol

      Not just crime, the traffic, the travelling aka the train stations

      I’m not saying is North Korea or some shit like that but you shouldn’t leave your doors open

    • !めぐみ says:

      Bobby Jr I wouldn’t leave me door open in any state. Motherfuckas out here be crazy lol

    • Cato Rafael says:

      Bobby Jr not tryna be rude cuz u make a good point but where on earth would u ever leave your door open ?

    • ewb says:

      +Matthias Thulman sooo 50 shades of grey

    • Ryan Holman says:

      Cato Rafael I’m from Texas and when I was a kid people didn’t really lock their doors on a consistent basis. Looking back on it now it’s fuckin crazy ?

  11. Diana Varela says:

    I really want to see him do ” we need to talk about kevin “

  12. mr meeseeks says:

    *Says Stephanie instead of Samantha*

    This movie obviously got the name wrong.
    I trust him more than the movie itself.

  13. Ohfruhcyug Higdthnvii says:

    This channel makes bad horror movies interesting

  14. z man says:

    Does anyone reGreta not subscribing to FoundFlix?

    I’ll show myself out…

  15. daffyphack says:

    What is the deal with all these murder-happy Hungarians?

    • 4f52 says:

      Hungary honestly are just like literally nazis because they refuse to take thousands of literally refugees so yeah everyone in Hungary is a literally serial killer

    • 4f52 says:

      Everything the media does has an agenda behind it. Hollywood in’t just another mediatic front, it’s in fact one of the key players.

    • feher flora says:

      @4f52 only politicians have a say in that and a lot of people dont agree with them and their decisions, and these people tried to take action against the government with strikes, and also a lot of people hate the prime minister, so you can not say that every person in hungary is a nazi because that is just not true

    • Réka Keresztes says:

      KNIGHTMAREMANIAC even the hungarians hate the prime minister.. most of the people in Hungary are actually normal and trying to fight against him and his propaganda


      +Réka Keresztes he’s literally trying to protect you from infinity negroes but sure, challenge his “propaganda”.

  16. Gurre Gurre says:

    What would happen if a man brought the bag back

  17. Michael Wazowski says:

    What if a man shows up? Or more interesting; another psycho/killer?

  18. Pun Queen says:

    God, I love this guy and his contribution to society as being our courage when we’re too scared to go to the movie theater and socialize.

  19. swagdaddy 69 says:

    This man is responsible for saving many people hundreds in movies tickets.

    • Vladimir Alvarenga says:

      Dam yall are cheap mofos. I dont watch these videos to save money, i watch these videos to further understand the movie n gain another perspective and more information n gain a deeper meaning. Respect the art n pay the artist or theres not gonna be art to appreciate

    • Air Quotes says:

      I watch these for 3 reasons.

      1 I’m too chicken to watch some of these movies.

      2 I’m time and money poor to watch something I’m not certain I’ll like.

      3 If I’ve already watched a movie I like watching his analysis or see if I’ve missed something.

  20. summer clearance says:

    “she just moved to NYC from Boston and is perhaps a bit naive to the environment of a big city” ………..That shade was LEGENDARY dahling

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