Gretchen Carlson comes out for banning assault weapons

Gretchen Carlson comes out for banning assault weapons

via Fox News

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20 Responses

  1. shaun blish says:

    Nope we all know what happens when you give an inch the anti gunners will
    take a mile. Look at every anti gun law ever. California is a hair away
    from a complete ban with some of the worst gun violance in the country.
    “Fun Fact” Street gangs buy their guns from cartels that smuggle them
    illegally from South America.

  2. Patrick Barrett says:

    These assault rifles only look scary, truthfully they are nothing different
    than a handgun with a higher capacity magazine which morally makes no
    difference regarding gun laws. AR-15 rifles are SEMI-AUTOMATIC meaning they
    shoot one bullet at a time. THEY ARE NOT AUTOMATIC. AR-15 rifles are no
    different than just carrying a pistol with mulitiple magazines in your

  3. kawaii 5-0 says:

    nice arugments lmao, do we need the first amendment? all it does is offend
    people it seems. ban it!!

  4. Jarred Collins says:

    Gretchen… what… the actual… heck

  5. Malcom johnson says:


  6. Bubby says:

    we need it to defend ourselves against the government. as long as the
    government has assault weapons, the citizenry should be. that was the
    purpose of the second amendment, to defend ourselves against a tyrannical
    government, not just to have weapons to hunt with.

  7. David Reyes says:

    Sounds like someone fucked up on the teleprompter!

  8. joey quint says:

    dis is murica!!! DA LAND ERV GURNS!!

  9. SpiderBite90x says:

    Seriously though, do we really NEEED fucking ASSAULT WEAPONS?!!? BAN THOSE

  10. danthman51 says:

    thank you

  11. Daniel harvey The chocolate kyle kulinski says:

    wow…….did I just see this on Fox news…..are pigs flying outside?

  12. A Potato says:

    89% are smart and know that guns aren’t the issue. It’s the people who we
    give them to and how they handle them, THAT is the issue.

  13. mallory1970 says:

    you’re with the majority….. excatly, jump on the bandwagon, like usual.

  14. TheWarrior says:

    all I’m gonna say is that he was Muslim and they didn’t blame this on
    Muslim people. but he was using a gun so it they blame on the guns that
    people us to protect and serve everyday. a gun doesn’t kill, people kill.

  15. Morpayne RADIO says:

    It makes sense, semi autos aren’t really needed for home or personal
    defense. A shotgun or handgun can fulfill those needs just fine.
    However, the federal government won’t stop there. If we let them take the
    semi autos, it will embolden the left and slowly but surely their dream
    scenario will come alive: the possession of any firearm at all will be
    Then, only criminals and police will have firearms, with law abiding
    citizens caught in the middle being abused by both with no means of

  16. Austin Jamieson says:

    Holy fuck this gave me chills

  17. RizzleTizzle says:

    Why do people with no firearm knowledge get to share their “my take”

  18. Paelorian says:

    I thought there were no conservatives on TV except for Fox News. I was
    wrong: there are no conservatives on TV. Gretchen isn’t the only
    freedom-hating victim disarmer on Fox News: Bill O’Reilly has also implied
    he’d support an Assault Weapons Ban. Although he uses the vaguest possible
    language to give himself some pathetic plausible deniability (what a
    snake), he says Congress should restrict certain types of firearms
    currently commonly available. I can’t believe America has let leftists
    completely dominate the media. Isn’t there at least some profit motive in
    ideological diversity on TV? The networks must hate liberty more than they
    love profit. It’s a wonder half the country remains on the right with all
    mainstream media reduced to a propaganda machine for the left.

  19. Gaawachan says:

    Anyone who claims to be tough on terrorism, but thinks letting people on
    terrorist watch lists get their hands on weapons designed specifically to
    kill large #s of people very quickly is somehow “trampling on meh rights,”
    is a hypocritical idiot.

  20. Joe Vel says:

    She’s probably going to get fired