Grilled Cheese Overkill (7,350cals)

Grilled Cheese Overkill (7,350cals)

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4 Loaded Grilled Cheeses, 2Lbs of Cheddar Pancakes, 10 Slices of Provolone/Cheddar, and a glass of water to wash it down. The most Ridiculous Grilled Cheese Sandwich you’ve ever seen!


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20 Responses

  1. Zap Brannigun says:

    Pancakes lots of pancakes and plz if u do my challenge give me a shout out
    my name is Noah key

  2. El Barto says:

    “Looks like cancer” lol

  3. dacinci61 says:

    nice shirt

  4. Ian Mcstruthers says:

    Why does he not lift? He could make some crazy gainz with how much he can

  5. Gaby Hernandez says:

    This looks delicious, I love grilled cheese ?

  6. Raquel A. says:

    your ass must be huge to let pass all that cheese

  7. Tomas Hernandez says:

    how was the heart attack after the video?

  8. russ chembo says:

    You should of whacked a bit of onion in it petal.

  9. bk01ex7f0in6tko6 says:

    Please do a 100 Fruits challenge :
    20 apples, 20 pears, 20 oranges, 20 kiwis, 20 peaches ( *or mangoes or
    tomatoes* )

  10. Juana Rodriguez says:


  11. WINLIKEABOSS82 says:

    How is this kid so skinny

  12. Tina Park says:

    Did he sneeze on your grilled cheese? lol

  13. MiJoPaFo says:

    Did you fart cheese bubbles?

  14. Chris Bazoo12 says:


  15. Ian Teare-Thomas says:

    Epic meal time knock off much?

  16. long live MAG says:

    Well, I just learned how to make a pretty mean grilled cheese sammich

  17. X. V says:


  18. Jonathan St Clair says:

    D to the I to the A to the Betus

  19. StepwiseG MAN says:

    Matt I really hope that for your brother (I think he is sorry I don’t know)
    you’re not lactosintolarant he will not be having a good time and neither
    will you XD

  20. Joey Fert says:

    You must be fat