Grimes – SCREAM ft. Aristophanes

Grimes – SCREAM ft. Aristophanes

From the new album ‘Art Angels’ out November 6th and available for pre-order:

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20 Responses

  1. Willie Padin says:

    Go go go go go go go go go

  2. Sam Josiah says:

    fucking awesome.

  3. Brenda Hernández says:

    i love the sound its so crazy and weird

  4. Ar die says:

    ok, whatever

  5. Laurine Rogler says:

    surprisingly PLEASANT

  6. Jose Manuel says:

    i like Grimes, but this song its only shit

  7. Gabi M. says:

    this is nice

  8. christina.koukou says:

    cant wait for the album!!!!!!!

  9. Trish Coxe says:

    cackling and screaming bwehehehehehe

  10. entschuldigung says:

    Got the notification this morning that this new song was released on my
    pre-ordered album. It almost made me wish I didn’t pre-order because I hate
    it that much. I hope and pray the rest of the songs are nothing like this.

  11. Liz Beth says:

    So unearthly ?

  12. Grumpy Garlic says:

    Now yes… Finally.. This is it!

  13. leticia renner rodrigues (Syianmi) says:


  14. BloodCraze says:

    Illuminati satanic music spell.

  15. St “TheSer” Iser says:

    I love grimes but this is хуйня

  16. Kells L says:

    Not like other songs that Grimes have made, but I fucking love it! Amazing
    song :D

  17. GVRBO says:

    te amo mulher

  18. Rominananá says:

    OMFG I Love it ♡ 

  19. Mean Green Stompa (Stompa) says:

    LOVE IT.

  20. Dario Rossi says:

    Remembers me the opening of an anime… don’t remember which one though..