Grocery delivery is a breeze!

Grocery delivery is a breeze!

Get fresh groceries and more with no-contact grocery delivery. It’s easy! Place your order on or in the app.

Save Money. Live Better.

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59 Responses

  1. Susan Maxwell says:

    If you live far they dont do it it’s with 7 miles

    • Elizabeth Ostinett says:

      This is the comment I was looking for. Thank you for saving me the time. I live about 10 miles from my local Walmart so this does me no good. Thanks

    • Pat Cavanaugh says:

      I live five minutes away, which doesn’t help. I am disabled, with no car, and my family members can’t even pick up or shop for me, as it seems to be a”shutout” situation. Something doesn’t smell right.

    • ashley B says:

      Use instacart

    • Dee C says:

      @ashley B I agree instacart works much better, even of the order may take several days. Instacart is working..

    • Monty C says:

      How are your family members getting groceries? Are they “shut out?” Someone is pulling your leg. Tell them to help you, if you’re disabled. Groceries stores are still open. Everybody is adjusting and making some sacrifices to regular routines. A million other people also want groceries delivered to their doorstep, and obviously the system is overwhelmed. No funny smell, no conspiracy. Your family can still go get you stuff. If you’re five minutes from a Walmart, you ain’t in the boonies, so there’s plenty of options. Your neighbors aren’t starving. Not everyone has a car, either. You got this. Be strong. You can get online and gripe, so you have energy – use it proactively.

  2. Jeannie Nelson says:

    I am grateful for Walmart. My first delivery was flawless. Now that others are aware of the service, there is a wait but that is what I would expect as we shelter in place. Today, I am picking up my order. I am purchasing perishables for a 2-week period. We should be grateful that groceries are stepping up to offer these services! Remember, all this is new to us and them. We are not the only one ordering You may have more than 1 store as a option for delivery or pick up. Please think about the drivers and those who are preparing our groceries. They are dancing with the virus to get our products to us! Walmar’t’ are strapped for personnel as they, and we, learn how to navigate through this stressful and tragic period. Take one day at a time. Check to see if Target has delivery. Publix in FL has delivery and pick up too. Call the DC Walmart….maybe there are not enough personnel…nothing is perfect. I see this new delivery and pick-up service as a long term benefit for all communities.

    • Heloisa Amar says:

      Totally agree with you! They don’t have to offer something perfect, remember they are also adjusting to what’s happening to the whole world. At least they are trying and I think soon as they are hiring more and more drivers – and generating jobs – we will be able to have this service perfected. In the meantime: let’s have patience.

    • Elaine Bigot says:

      @Kerry Lilly I haven’t been able to purchase any meat in 4 weeks. I can’t even make a pot of soup which would last me a number of days because I don’t have any meat to put in the soup. I guess now is a good time to become a vegetarian.

    • Quagthistle says:

      How in the world are you purchasing 2 weeks worth of perishables when everything on Walmart Grocery (for delivery or pickup) is Limit 2 (and a great number of items are sold out entirely)? Seriously, you must be doing some VERY creative shopping if you can get 2 weeks worth of ANYTHING right now from delivery or pickup…

    • Terry Franzel says:

      Be patient or become a patient, your choice.

    • Kerry Lilly says:

      It is GREAT I you have door dash or something similar but where I live that is not available. The joys of living in the rural communities or very small towns.

  3. Dehmitz says:

    I wouldn’t be advertising this service when it hasn’t been working lately, Walmart. We attempted to place an order for Walmart delivery, a few days in advance, and our order got cancelled. This was a couple of weeks ago. We got a $10 credit, which is nice, but I hope things get back to normal inventory-wise soon.

  4. Janet Laswell says:

    Last week I was able to get a time slot, but a few minutes before my time, they emailed to say they had to cancel my time slot due to high demand. So, apparently a confirmed time slot doesn’t always help.

    • Catherine Savage says:

      This happened to me twice. I finally gave up and searched out another service called INSTACART. You might give that a try. It’s almost twice as expensive because of price gouging, but what else to do but starve?

  5. Gary Stratton says:

    I am surprised it isn’t worse than it is…given the situation we are all in now. Thanks Walmart for this service…of course it won’t be easy or flawless because of the demand… but it will help those that are shut in .

    • Jan Phillipps says:

      Not when it takes weeks to get your food.

    • Lynn Zimmerman says:

      There are some older folks like myself that have no way to get food without going to a market ( some don’t even have transportation) where the killer virus is just waiting Ordering on-line has been an option but Walmart won’t deliver but at least they haven’t jacked up the prices too much and Amazon will, but what they have the prices are jacked up ex.( a $1.58 can of soup is more than $5.00) I do agree they have their problems but not when you compare it to rather hopeless individuals out there.

  6. Windy Huggins says:

    Best time to catch one is at midnight when the new day pops up. I had my order ready for checkout last night and at midnight Tuesday popped up with the whole day open.

    • Elaine Bigot says:

      You must have just been lucky because it didn’t work that way for me.

    • Wes Jenkins says:

      Exactly…..what happens because of high demand they’ll say today & tomorrow are full but please check back in the morning for openings. I went back on @ 5:00 am and the following days slots were wide open. Just gotta be smarter that
      s all

    • Layah Jhene says:

      Pretty much

  7. Mike Z says:

    The “service” is worthless. No times available for today or tomorrow. Why not add “Next available” so customers can at least place an order when other options are not available?

  8. Heather Grant says:

    Experts are telling us all to stay home but impossible to get delivery options in my area and pick up is an epic failure. Most staple items are either out of stock or you have to go into the stores and take the risk that needed items might be available. I live in a capital city within 2 miles of most grocery stores. Feel a lot of empathy for folks with children to feed! Probably will get worse before the situation improves.

  9. White Raven says:

    I was directed to this video from an email sent to me by Walmart. Judging from the comments a delivery time slot is elusive, if not non-existant. It seems obvious that Walmart is losing sales due to this problem, so their solution is to contact thousands via email to compound an already unmanageable problem.

    • Betsy Heimbuch says:

      I received the same email but the comments discourage me from this option. Wegmans is delivering. Maybe the next day but they are delivering and I received a great order from a very nice guy.

    • Charlie Davis says:

      I just got my e-mail and I’m not even going to try, what a joke there so damn far behind and out of everything I like so there delivery system sucks……..

    • MoesTube1 says:


    • Sharon Lefkowitz says:

      I also received an email, watched the video and read these reviews and now know not to bother with Walmart for groceries. Disappointing. I would have thought if they took the time to send me the email and push their grocery delivery service they would actually be able to PROVIDE me with that service.

    • MARQUEZ's CHANNEL says:

      Stop&Shop delivery services are much better. My mother, who’s disabled, uses it all the time and she’s always happy with it plus if you think about it, for groceries it would make sense to go with an actual grocery store supermarket like Stop&Shop or some other local supermarket that delivers which specializes in food products and varieties than relying on the Walmart’s “grocery” section which isn’t necessarily stocked 100% with everything you’re looking for all the time. Obviously they gotta make space for non-edible merchandise which Walmart is much more better at stocking.

  10. ScooterFXRS says:

    What I’m hearing from associates across the country is they have not employed more people to do this shopping, Wally just piles it on people that have tasks they already need to do because those assigned to do this are swamped. Same old story, some “genius” that sits at a desk all day long in some corner office, near never labored a day in their life, has a swell idea and no thought how to make it happen, whats it’s impact REALLY is and dumped it on almost as clueless underlings. Which snowballs down to the over worked underpaid only motivated by some sense of survival. You know, the same kinda shitte we get from our government, politicians, tramps, and thieves decking the halls of public buildings.
    So, yeah, no … if you want something done right, do it yourself.

  11. Louise Lloyd says:

    Been trying for a week now to get a time/ day. First time was next day service, now not so Great Walmart. We all are subscribing to this service because we need it. Hire more drivers!

  12. dwsmls1 says:

    I ordered groceries on Friday and this is Monday and still don’t have a time for pickup!

  13. Barbara Anderson says:

    I am using Pickup this afternoon, we’ll see how that goes.

  14. RAVENZ ROOZT says:

    Apparently, the delivery system isn’t
    Working either!
    Due to lack of workers!

  15. Angele Lorio says:

    My Aunt in New Orleans just picks up her phone and calls the local store to place her order and someone delivers it right to her, even carries the bags and sets them right
    On her kitchen floor.
    Just like in the old days. It could be a family owned store?
    God Bless everyone during these hard times.

    • Charles Caldwell says:

      They should not be entering her home. The groceries should be left outside or in a garage or porch. Standard social distancing that a lot of people just don’t get!

  16. william sanchez says:

    I was surprised for the guike delivery of my order and it beautiful handlelin of my order.Thank s to the staff for excellent service.

  17. Rosemary Neal says:

    What’s trluy sad is all of the employees who are taking the chance to encounter the virus

  18. Verona Cady says:

    When y’all gonna start deliver to older fokes with no car and no ride ,that has foodstamp .I cant eat unless have Foodstamps

  19. Denise S says:

    If ordering I want to know right up front when they’ll be delivered

  20. BWI Aviation says:

    The fact that this is number 2 on trending says a lot

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