Grocery Store Stereotypes

Grocery Store Stereotypes

Grocery Store Stereotypes! Love em’ or hate em’, we all know em’
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Comment: What Stereotype should we do next?

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55 Responses

  1. Dude Perfect says:

    ► Thanks for watching guys!
    ► Which Stereotype should we do next?

  2. SexyBorabo says:

    I know this channel is family friendly, but you forgot the high guy who takes 1 hour to choose between two things hahaha

  3. Nikhil Kumar says:

    my favourite part of all the stereotype videos — Tyler’s rage monster

  4. kashyap kazzy says:

    4:00 what the heck are you guyzz doinnn??????
    are you nuts???????
    that was not so great

  5. Flynn Broadfoot says:


  6. Gilley Estes says:

    Workplace stereotypes…

    Late meeting attendee
    Conference call person who talks over everyone
    Office fridge hog
    Lunch stealer
    Catering leftover hoarder
    Bathroom…need I say more
    Last cup of coffee taker
    Messy desk guy
    Overly clean desk guy
    Procrastinated guy
    Doesn’t care, 9-5 guy
    Over achiever guy

    If you need more ideas, just let me know…this list was off the top of my head.

  7. Smitali Hasabe says:

    you should have gave the court to me insted of destroying it

  8. FUN PLACE 8 says:

    Trending #20 in India Dude perfect is simply amazing

    • Isaac Cook says:

      What WOW!! Thx dude perfect for the awesome video!! You’ve inspired me to make my own YT channel! I’d love everyone’s support

  9. Winter Queen says:

    Can you also do Halloween or classroom stereotypes?😀

  10. Devansh Bhathena says:

    1:44 If you are an Indian,you will know that everyone does this at grocery stores😂😂😂😂

  11. Just JB says:

    not the court that rage monster is really expensive 😐😂😮😛

  12. Janet Aroza says:

    3:52 how to basic’ s brother.🤣

  13. Sam Production says:

    I cut this court in half and repaired using only FLEX TAPE😂😂😂👌

  14. Amal Hb says:

    How About School StereoTypes
    You likes?

  15. Wave - Cringe says:

    kinda wish rage monster was in the store then 🤙🏻

  16. Crazy Potato says:

    Ty always destroy everything😂 and now the beautiful office😥

  17. khaledtacky says:

    You should do the gamer stereotypes

    Like so people can see this

  18. RAJKUMAR VERMA says:

    I am hungry shopper…. You can do college stereotypes or some picnic or camping stereotypes

  19. R.G Game says:

    How much money you guys spend for making rage monster’s scene???????

  20. San Goku says:

    Never touch a man’s pudding

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