Gross Milk at Catskill High School

Gross Milk at Catskill High School

Credit goes to [removed for now]

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20 Responses

  1. NotAsian says:

    another reason i like almond milk lol

  2. Youbones says:

    Mean while kids in africa eat better than kids in ‘Merica – now to

  3. supbrotv says:

    Its probably rat milk provided by the local mob.

  4. illumiNaughty says:

    A big thank you to Michelle who enriched all of my shareholders. Thank you.

  5. xCielx says:

    This isn’t the first time the milk has been like this at Catskill either.

  6. Ellis Dee says:

    December 2nd? Have i been asleep for 3 days?

  7. PeRG4moS says:

    WTF?! How was this published November 28, 2016 and the milk carton says
    ‘December 2, 2016’?!!?!!

  8. Jerry Genes says:

    So American movies and cartoon are right, American high school lunch sucks.

  9. Gse_ Panda says:

    Did a cat do a 360 backflip during construction to get the name of this

  10. yee yee says:

    Never trust a milk carton branded “hood”, cause that’s some ghetto ass shit

  11. Nathan Stunning says:

    school food in US is a joke.

  12. Guy Fieri says:

    You should be forced to drink that everyday for recording vertical.

  13. Vada Vada In Which I Trust says:

    The milk they had at the psych ward I went to was better than this!

  14. Flamingpaper says:

    Outside of the gross seeming texture, this milk is probably safe to drink.
    It depends on how it tasted

  15. zerox505 says:

    it looks delicious man.

  16. Zomb John says:

    What do you expect? That milk is literately from the Hood.

  17. Luqman Muhammad 2 says:

    it’s just frozen…not gross

  18. HelloMyNamelsBanana says:

    that looks like you mixed it with pudding


    Thanks Michelle Obama for fucking up the school lunch

  20. Kaleb Beckwith says:

    Wyf why is this on my recommend and number 1 on trending!?!?!?