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20 Responses

  1. William Gray says:

    last comment

  2. kcts007 says:

    Jeanas a pain in the ass..always giving out about jesse. Small little

  3. realgomez27 says:

    I’m the only one that realize that you could see the name under the cup
    when someone took a drink out off so I’m guessing there was a lot of
    cheating involved

  4. carla boyling (CarlaBCraft) says:

    Congrats on the YouTube Rewind, it looked awesome!:)

  5. Amerah Al Mutairi says:

    i saw jesse and jeana in the youtube rewind!!! she’s soooo pretty in watch
    me whip

  6. Sehaj Preet says:

    Is lilly Punjabi

  7. Rosebuds228 says:

    I want to try the cookie dough soda, it actually looks pretty good!

  8. Guardia Blader says:

    Now I want to do this challenge

  9. JML says:

    Lily seems really cool, but am I the only person that finds her a bit

  10. Fjolla Krasniqi says:

    the quality of this video is dopeee

  11. Danyelle May says:

    Gina is really annoying

  12. AndrewBinghamUK says:

    Jesse either knows it or thinks he knows it…must of cheated

  13. Abbie Marlin says:

    the peanut butter sitting on the edge was giving me anxiety

  14. Drummerboy colon says:

    5:51 why does Lilly sound like Iggy azalea ?

  15. pollocorales zas says:

    4:30 someone says: “someone has to get the message tho”. in the backround

  16. chloealexee 050707 says:

    Jesse he’s not cheating

  17. Hellin Lovato says:

    Awsome chall

  18. Aidan Mcirvine says:

    Jeana cheated more than jesse she kept putting the cup above her head when
    she finished da fuq

  19. zz z says:

    My 3 favourite youtubers oh maaaah gawdddddf??????

  20. Patrick Karamasow says:

    I love superwoman <3