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41 Responses

  1. LKnight126 says:

    I forever will not understand how this isn’t main channel content. Everything on this channel is just as good as the main channel

    • Emb3r says:

      @LKnight126 its smii7y+ which can be simply understood “more smii7y” so imo it makes sense the videos are on par with main channel

    • Adam Brown says:

      @SMii7Yplus damn, you right you right

    • Vain. says:

      ​@LKnight126 The difference is in what each channel is meant for, it wouldn’t really matter if he dumped everything on one channel or not. I’ve also seen other YouTubers split types of content into different channels as well.

    • Lorphex says:

      it has to do with how Youtube’s algorithm favors certain content over others. Youtubers make secondary channels to cover extra stuff they wouldn’t normally post, because it would mess with their youtube algorithm and how they get recommended to people.

      I don’t know all the details, but I think that’s the gist of it

    • OyaSumi says:

      @SMii7Yplus Andrew Tate as the clown LMAO. thats gold

  2. TR!P Official says:

    Nothing stops me from watching Smi77y, not even drinking , and driving with a pack car filled with kids I just picked up from the soccer match on a Saturday Morning.

  3. Jordan Spiers says:

    Nothing stops me from watching Smitty, not even driving

  4. TimeBucks says:

    Keep up this series style Smii7y they are great!

  5. Eljay (TheNPC) says:

    Nothing stops Smi77y fans from watching.
    Not work, driving, school, or anything.

  6. Ishal Sewsanker says:

    Nothing stops me from watching Smii7y. Not even his curtains.

  7. SexyEarHair says:

    The fact that this was filmed in November tells you absolutely everything you need to know about Smii7y

  8. AdveN says:

    Nothing stops me from watching Smii7y, not even when I close my closed eye-lids.

  9. Bossappacalips says:

    Nothing stops me from watching smii7y, not even in the middle of surgery ill wake up and watch smii7y

  10. Evan Boldt says:

    Eli’s Pat Tillman joke flew way under the radar, that was golden😂

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