Group Assignments

Group Assignments

Get carried.

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20 Responses

  1. Cliff Vuong says:

    lol you play league? what’s your summoner’s name?

  2. Nsha76 says:

    I’m always the one that does everything in behalf of the whole group…
    like wtf. others just do nothing -_- my luck…

  3. quaker1011 says:

    Happens way to often in league of legends.

  4. Curiositystrikes says:

    Been there. Except the entire group was useless and I ended up doing all
    the work myself

  5. SpontaneousCourage says:

    You think one “kyle” is bad? Try three. I ended up doing most of my group’s
    final project by myself with only 1/3 of the essay portion done by my peers
    (I had 3 teammates). One teammate only had to do an excel sheet on the
    statistics I found for him and he typed up the excel sheet as I presented
    the final powerpoint in the last hour of the last day of class.

  6. lauris8972 says:

    It’s more like if Kyle was an AFKER, and then your team won 4v5 and still
    gets the IP/XP at the end of the game

  7. Demetrius Entertainment says:

    Can u make a video about your weekends 

  8. HentaiSweetie says:

    One group assignment I had with just me and one other girl involved doing
    it in Power Point. I asked her did she know how to do power point, she said
    yes. I asked her did she have it at home, she said yes. I asked her would
    she be willing to do her part of the assignment on it, she said no. We had
    to make a 1 page rough draft which I did 80% of because the only thing she
    did was give me a short paragraph consisting of 3 or so sentences. So I
    just did the other 20% myself, didn’t use what she did, and at lunch asked
    me why I dropped her as a partner and turned in my assignment by myself.

  9. JustAPixel says:

    I was partnered with my friend and eeeveryone know she doesn’t do work,
    only copies so….. I was left there doing my work and waiting after each
    page I did for her to copy.

  10. sunnygirlwinx12 says:

    when it comes to group assignments i always try to put my share of work
    into the project or task we are working on, however i am sad to say my last
    group assignment i did not put as much work in as i should have but this
    was a group of ten people so meeting together was really hard considering i
    had other classes and working tow jobs so i could go to school and my group
    would usually picked a time when sadly i had to work (also to mention i
    really hated this class) but this is the first time where i admit it i did
    not put my full amount of work in and im sorry about that :(

  11. Angel Perez says:

    i freaking love this kid

  12. Alex Wendling says:

    my group project story was I was in this architectural type class, the
    beginning one I think anyhow in my freshman year of high school. this
    wasn’t our final project ( I think). but it was a pretty big one because we
    had to construct a small house out of the materials that we were given.
    there was just three people in the group, me, and two sophomore guys. me
    and one of the guys was working diligently for most of the project, in the
    beginning the other guy did nothing but walking around the room and talking
    to other groups and people. about half-way I was done with this guys lazy
    ass( I knew him by the way, he lived across from me). and so I would tell
    him constantly “hey, you need to help us, here you do these parts while we
    continue working on the parts we are.” and for a few days it was like he
    has cotton wads in his ears and didn’t hear me every time I told him to do
    something. (the guy who was helping me did not talk much either, so he
    never really said anything, but I knew he was basically on the same level
    of irritation as me) then one day when I told him what to work on, he sat
    down, shut up, and did the work. maybe I was emanating and evil aura that
    day in class. *shrugs* sometimes it just sucks being the only girl in a
    group project.

  13. Jane Kim says:

    when he mentioned league my smile grew. :D

  14. Tam Nguyen says:

    the league of legends references.
    too real.
    but congratulations to you and the people in your group who actually
    worked! ^_^ y’all deserved it.

  15. Sean Loope says:

    Hay domic um do you want to play league some time

  16. zombyra x99x says:

    I’m in a group project right now…. my group.. WON’T EVEN RESPOND TO A
    MEET TIME. I’m the only one how ever shows up. ((sorry for the yelling))

  17. WaggyTheGeek says:

    league of peasants. dota 2 ftw

  18. El Dan xD - Gameplayer!!! says:

    Something like that happend to me in a Science Rally, we won the 3th place
    but my partners and me decide to not give a single coin to the other
    person, so I win? I dont know xD

  19. Flopping Gypsys says:

    that sounds like a very shitty teacher

  20. Everything says:

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    grandchildren I was big on YouTube lol. Please drop a sub, it’ll make my