Growing Fears Over Response To Coronavirus As Number Of Confirmed Cases Soar | NBC Nightly News

Growing Fears Over Response To Coronavirus As Number Of Confirmed Cases Soar | NBC Nightly News

Dr. Anthony Fauci said he was concerned about community spread and that the administration needs to take whatever action is appropriate to contain the outbreak. President Trump has stayed optimistic about the outbreak, saying he has a “perfectly coordinated” plan to combat the coronavirus. While at least 16 deaths have now been reported at a Washington state nursing home. Many Americans have questions about what to do if they think they’ve been exposed to the coronavirus. J» Subscribe to NBC News:
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Growing Fears Over Response To Coronavirus As Number of Confirmed Cases Soar | NBC Nightly News

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86 Responses

  1. YU HE says:

    Wall Street Journal: USA is the Real Sick Man of North America.

  2. A C says:

    Let’s see what polices are pushed through to “protect” the public.

  3. Paul Stirling Taylor says:

    9:50 “Its safe to go on a plane… Just avoid people that are coughing and sneezing”
    Me: Excuse me can I change seats please, the person next to me is coughing and sneezing
    Flight attendant: No, we’re full. Sit back down, sir

    • Kadeem Johnson says:

      Just sneak in to another row it’s not like the seats have name tags 😆

    • Sahil Pethe says:

      @Mia Mizuno just get an N95 mask and chill.

    • xponen_ says:

      @Mia Mizuno no, commercial airplane can refresh air more frequently, it just depend on whether the airline wanted to save fuel of not. Because the airplane have to pump the air from outside using the jet-engine.

    • xponen_ says:

      they can reconfigure air-circulation because that’s a safety requirement in case of an emergency, like if there’s fire & smoke, which they can flush & replace the air with a button.

    • Jacob Tennyson says:

      @Saskia Black ,

      WUHAN VIRUS: We use children and young people to carry my children to your sick weak bodies.

  4. Mrs. Diva says:

    This whole thing reminds me of resident evil the movie 🥴😳

  5. The French says:


  6. Ashleigh Jaima Osborne says:

    I have NO faith in the Surgeon General’s statement. 🇨🇦

  7. Saundra Kielborn says:

    Ben looks like he’s on something 😴

    • World Traveler says:

      Ben ALWAYS “looks like he’s on something” and sound like he’s on something, too. He always sound drugged up.

  8. Joseph Riehl says:

    Doc giving advice about plane travel: “try to avoid people coughing and sneezing” ummm, have you seen coach?!

    • Gary Mcguckin says:


    • Johnnie says:

      We all breathe the same oxygen that goes threw one filtering system threw out the plane.??? Filters never get replaced or changed out in between flights and that’s where covit-19 death virus lives from prior sick infected coronavirus vitims who was on plane on prior flights.

    • Rhiannon Ruadh says:

      @Ver Coda Thank you, I appreciate your efforts. While I might not say anything to you in public regarding your efforts, as that would be disruptive to you, I do appreciate you.

  9. btd0ja says:

    “The messaging, quite frankly, is hard.” Is it really that hard to just tell your own people the truth?

    • JB R says:

      @Amere Mortal amen, as well it should be. Economy harm will be the greatest effect of this pandemic.

    • Homer B says:

      @Daryl Leckt Are you serious? Imagine Hillary running things, where do you think we’d be? No one is perfect, including Trump, but he’s FAR better than any alternative the left has thrown out there.

    • Hiccum Blurpaedius says:

      @Beverly Mandahl Jesus was eaten

    • Amere Mortal says:

      JB R Yes, but it’s important that people
      Understand that. Nobody will rescue you. Stay safe!

    • Hiccum Blurpaedius says:

      @Amere Mortal People hallucinating angels and ghosts are sick and need to turn in their assault weapons.

  10. buklao says:

    We’re playing Plague inc at this point,

  11. Onyx Rose says:

    Germaphobes don’t seem so crazy anymore, now do they?

    • Drake9Draconiangar says:

      no they still do but now they look crazy with every other fear mongering slob.
      this virus is a joke and these people are a circus.

      wake me up when its worse than flu season.
      wake me up when we dont have more people in China dying of starvation in a day than this virus killed in a month.

    • Jelton Inc. says:

      Drake9Draconiangar yeah flu numbers are way higher than this “pandemic” hahaha this is all a media circus and a way to lockdown countries.

    • Track Titan says:

      Yes, they do.

    • Francisco Delgadillo says:

      Jelton Inc. really for real

  12. edvardwins again says:

    I like how they can say “if you feel sick call your doctor” some of us moved to new states and don’t have Health insurance or doctors to call… Such a reassuring statement

    • Track Titan says:

      Then get health insurance? Every employer is required to offer it…

    • Poop Brain says:

      Saph ListSer and some live in towns with no doctors in sight

    • A long time ago we made it to paradise. says:

      May you have peace. I’m trying to figure out if anyone knows what to expect when they get to a doctor? Think about it….anyone heard of someone being cured? So what would happen is you’re just gonna sit there all day or you could sit home all day. They really can’t do anything other than tell you whether you have the virus or not. It’s sad, really.

    • Nagadir-chan says:

      How can you not have health insurance?

    • J Kenag says:

      @Nagadir-chan Are you really this dumb 😆 🔫

  13. Chris Long says:

    Ships docks in California…

    Let’s quarantine them in Georgia cause igs best to drag the infected across the country first.

    • Elizabeth Lucy says:

      I have no sympathy for people who go on a cruise mid pandemic

    • Jacob Tennyson says:

      WUHAN VIRUS: Wearing surgical masks will not help you. My children gets caught in the filter fibers. Only you have to do is us your bare hands and peel the mask off. And children will be inside your bodies.

  14. EL says:

    “We have no control over anything!!”
    Well, lady, you HAD the control of your decision whether you should board a cruise ship at the time of a pandemic…..

    • lynn craig says:

      @EL…I agree. What was she thinking? Oh! It might happen to their ship too! And they could get their 15 minutes of Fame griping about getting stuck on a floating hotel where they are waited on hand and foot. They could get a longer trip and maybe the whole trip for free or reimbursed. Helicopters will fly in and dump the meds they need on the ship. I wouldn’t want to live next door to any of these people.

    • Elizabeth Lucy says:

      Absolutely, it’s staggering that people can be so selfish

    • Maeu Daou says:

      Why not shifting the focus on govt banning these cruise ships instead? Economy greed? Would you spend 1 second shaming our politicians. Please!

    • oO dOdY75 Oo says:

      Right? Idiots man….

    • oO dOdY75 Oo says:

      @Maeu Daou You think shame affects politicians? They’re not human, and being a human is integral to feeling ashamed.

  15. LadyCartoonCritic says:

    fellow introverts, OUR TIME HAS COME!!

  16. D-Town Sports Fan says:

    I don’t know anyone in my personal life that is taking this seriously. They’re calling me crazy because I’m stocking up on water, food etc

    • Jerry Carnes says:

      Your not alone. Wallmarts are struggling restocking canned goods, rice, disinfectants, water, and toilette paper.

    • Ticamya says:

      Also if you can grow your own vegetables so you don’t run out of food.

    • Jerry Carnes says:

      @Ticamya yup, hopefully 100lbs of beans and ruce will keep me going until i have a stable garden.

    • Bruh Lit says:

      @Ticamya my sister is flying to cali from illinois. I keep telling her that even though shes at the peek of her body shes not invincable.Im not nececarily stocking food but I am being a lot more cautios

  17. Plant Strong Bro 🌱💪🏼 says:

    This dude is so horrible in interviews…Carson almost seems to like he’s on the spectrum

  18. xoites877 says:

    “Call your Doctor.”
    Like we in the US actually have one of those.

    • L R says:

      Went to one 2 weeks ago.
      Me : I’m feeling really bad doctor…fever. Cough. Sore throat.
      Doctor: just go home and rest.
      Me : shouldn’t I get tested?
      Doctor: No don’t worry!!
      Me : what??

    • Rebecca Estrada says:

      My daughter has a doctor with a next available appointment of June the 2nd. My doctor cancelled our last appointment and never bother to call back to reschedule.

    • Northern Feet says:

      We are military family and we can’t even get appointment on base because it’s so full! You have to wait a month just to get an appointment! Urgent care seems to be our doctor!

  19. Ken Thomas says:

    Global Outbreak: Let’s all go on vacation!

    • EaZy ChEzE says:

      Maybe it will be half off

    • Rebecca Estrada says:

      I think a lot of people already had non refundable trips planned months ago and they figure the outbreak isn’t that bad yet better travel while they still can.

    • Gary Thompson says:

      Plans are made way in advance payed for and non-refundable, also our President just two weeks ago said the virus was contained and would be down to zero in a few day’s! For those of you who downplay the virus (like your Pres. has) ask yourself which of your elderly relatives or at risk family members you are willing to lose! Listen to scientist not politicians!

  20. Ben Satterwhite says:

    Avoid other people. I’ve been doing this my whole life.

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