Growing Up Asian

Growing Up Asian

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54 Responses

  1. JRD 876 says:

    Classic – Funny – Informative – Entertaining

    • AllenMationZ says:

      JRD 876 Hey, I recently made an animation (story time) channel, and I’m super sorry for spamming but how else could I spread the word ;), well I would really appreciate it if u took 1 minute to check out a vid of mine, well u probably won’t but if u do like animation channels, pls consider checking mine out, u won’t be disappointed, well I hope not XD

  2. ghost sniper says:

    Bro make a podcast on a separate youtube Channel

  3. H says:

    Why do people get on their bed with shoes on I don’t even go upstairs with shoes on

  4. Anne Sales says:

    When I was younger my dad used to scare me with a made-up police officer named David Posas and whenever I did something wrong or I was misbehaving he’d be all like, “Oooohhhh David’s gonna get youuuu” and I’d be super scared lol

  5. Hidden Treasure says:

    I love how the grandpa just say “hungry?”

  6. FAKE9373 says:

    My favorite, Chinese (Stretch eyes), Japanese (Up eyes), Korean (Down Eyes) response was my friend Niels who just opened his eyes as wide as possible and said “AMERICAN!”

  7. Colin0fTheWild YT says:

    I’m white, but I’ve never done that. I hate when people do that.

    Like my brother…

  8. 사랑keilana says:

    This video summarizes my childhood😂

  9. Mervic Shaju says:

    Randy, Randy, let down your hair…
    I can’t my mom bowl cut me!
    Lmao 😂

  10. Alpacarie says:


  11. Vitalectric says:

    This was so damn funny

  12. Vitalectric says:

    “You have a girlfriend!???!— How many!” *slowly raises one finger

  13. AjRed 17 says:

    In Canada we don’t where shoes in houses.

    • Icecreameskimo says:

      who does that though if you live in the city it’s like walking on the collective shoes of everyone else and gum in the suburbs well i don’t know like dog poop or something and in rural places you ether get domestic animal poop or wild animal poop and mud and those really big bugs that have a lot of … mass

    • DJ Andy- Ultimate Gamer says:


    • RobloxRetard says:

      Thats just most fucking people. It doesn’t depend on country.

    • Ryan Le says:

      Yeah dude, where the shoes?

  14. Lauren Money says:

    I never got allowance. My parents always said that my allowance was being fed and having a roof over my head.

  15. Actual KpopTrash says:

    *i loved this type of video! I got to laugh with your friends even when I don’t understand the majority of the struggles*

  16. Ali Mortada says:

    0:17 meme review?

  17. Neema Fay says:

    Laughing so hard, not Asian but I relate soo hard.

    • Sebastian Sebastian says:

      Right it’s so weird
      I’m a white Hispanics bio

    • Sosa Keira says:


    • Luke Garcia says:

      America is a mixing pot of cultures, so I suppose it makes sense. If my Asian parents can adopt the traditions of non-Asian individuals, then non-Asians can adopt the traditions of Asians. That last sentence was probably super redundant, but my point still stands nonetheless.

    • Crazy Cat Lady Hannah says:

      Yeah, my family is Jewish and my parents are surprisingly similar to my Asian friend’s parents. Most of my Asians friends are Vietnamese.

    • Diet John Jhon Jon Johnson says:

      laugh so hard you sqint enough to be asian

  18. Helen Burnley says:

    @12:39 lol!! I can relate!!!

  19. MarbleTarble says:

    *OmNomDomz is back!*

  20. BanditRants says:

    As a content creator in a platform filled with rubbish content, I’m glad Domics exists. A true breath of fresh air and immaculate creativity.

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