Growing Up With Video Games

Growing Up With Video Games

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57 Responses

  1. Sam Sarfo says:

    So.. for Domics everyone is bald … except him
    That kinda insulting ???

  2. Reko Aldaco says:

    Dom: *Says minecraft*

    Every ironic kid: let me show you my knowledge

  3. Assassin clark says:

    You named your rival tae hahaha
    My rival’s name is BOBOKO

  4. Asiboe says:

    I was such a gamer growing up. I played the sims 2 every day??

  5. Sarah Smiles says:


    Dom and James posted in the same day

    It’s a Christmas miracle

  6. Bill Fusion says:

    I love videogames a lot, but even when I am at a low point in my life (which is just about everyday) videogames don’t help me because of my depression.

  7. Gabriel García says:

    When Domics appreciates and gives Minecraft a shoutout, while recognizing how good of a game it is.

    “Everyone Liked that”

  8. Veda Cox says:

    You dont know how to catch a Pokémon?! You know it’s fun… right?

  9. Panda Gamer says:

    0/0/12 isn’t that kinda good tho that’s a easy s+

  10. Lil Veemo says:

    8:01 Super happy theyres youtubers out there who knows hollow knight

  11. Dutchess Of Darkness says:

    “and being able to obliterate my rival ” TAE” “… forgot dom is also a filipino, caught me off guard.

  12. Jimmmey Potato says:

    theOdd1sOut: post today

    domics: also posts today

    me: I see a pattern here and Im loving it

  13. NutshotBrawler says:

    Tbh when he was talking about vr and the future of gaming, i was half expecting a SAO reference

  14. KY23I says:

    We’re going to be really disappointed if there isnt a part 2 Dom.

  15. Samuron says:

    Hey, dom have you tried streaming while you work on art projects?

  16. Ghoul College says:

    Brawl is considered the best smash bros by a lot of the community tho.

    • Captain Star says:

      Yet I kinda understand some of the flak it gets. It’s trash from a competitive aspect

    • Ghoul College says:

      Captain Star I wouldn’t know I don’t play competitive, I just love the interchangeable shiek/Zelda.

  17. Mubashshir Ifrad says:

    1:50 epic Kimetsu no yaiba (demon slayer) soundtrack starts playing. Gg domics.

  18. Dyspo dared me to hit 42069 subs says:

    7:42 Minecraft 2, Cod 10 and Mario Kart 15: *Allow us to introduce ourselves*

  19. pizza cookie says:

    how did I know you were the type of guy who would like hollow knight?

    (great taste by the way)

  20. Logan Moon says:

    8:00 I can’t believe you actually out hollow knight I Thanks Dom 😀

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