GTA 5 – Buying The NEW $5,000,000 AGENCY Business Property! (The Contract DLC)

GTA 5 – Buying The NEW $5,000,000 AGENCY Business Property! (The Contract DLC)

Part of The Contract DLC Update

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37 Responses

  1. Reece Hagland says:

    The new Buffalo looks phenomenal, not too expensive either. Good job Rockstar

  2. Nismonath5 says:

    These new properties are so much cheaper than I was anticipating, after the Kosatka I was expecting easily $10m+ for all the upgrades and most expensive add ons. So glad to be wrong!!

  3. Xyston says:

    I bet a lot of money that DCA seeing the Buffalo STX jump with the excitement

  4. Steven Cooks says:

    The Buffalo SXT is awesome!! Needs more customization options though.

  5. Stephan Cunningham says:

    Omg finally a pet in online, rockstar definitely stopped out of their comfort zone with this

  6. Tyler Goodman says:

    That’s awesome how he still kept his employee of the month plaque

  7. Ybm Simba says:

    “Like their son may have stolen a car, or they owe money to the wrong people, or their wife is screwing the tennis coach” 🤣🤣😂 All references to Franklin, Michael and Trevor

  8. Nicolas TheCarsLover says:

    This got a little nostalgic seeing Franklin, Lamar & Chop

  9. Game-Hills says:

    This looks so good, the cut scenes & dialogue is going to be so entertaining with Lamar 😂

  10. Bigballman32 says:

    Alright, I love this! The OG’s are back, played story mode 6 times and cant get enough of these dudes. I love the part where Lamar walks in 😂

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