GTA 6 Has Been Leaked…

GTA 6 Has Been Leaked…

Hello guys and gals, it’s me Mutahar again! This time we wake up to GTA 6 trending on social media and this time it seems the footage we’re seeing is actually real. One of the biggest games in the world seems to have some footage that we can see for the first time. How is it? Let’s find out! Thanks for watching!
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44 Responses

  1. SomeOrdinaryGamers says:

    Use code “SOG” at
    Check out the Newest Podcast episode:

  2. Avocado Animations says:

    Never thought I’d get to see real footage of GTA VI in my lifespan. This is surreal. I feel unworthy

  3. junfaa says:

    For pre-alpha, the graphics looks surprisingly good and in some screen shots, looks like a released product. I’m actually surprised at how far along they are. Yeah you still have characters that look like mannequins but I would have thought all this game had was a bunch of wire frame figures and a flat plain. It’s already super detailed. I also noticed how much better police AI is. They don’t shoot at you until you come out of cover.

  4. electrified0 says:

    It looks like they’re putting major effort into manual aim and enhancing how enemies behave in combat, which is great since the cover-combat lock-on system versus exposed enemies is one of the weakest aspects of every GTA/Red Dead title since GTA4. Red Dead 2’s PS4 level of graphics and realism alone is already high enough that I have no doubts GTA6 will be a major upgrade from GTA5 in terms of how photogenic it will be once it’s polished, so I’m very happy to see that they’re not exclusively focused on that and are actually looking to make GTA’s combat as good as the rest of the game.

  5. Seth Poe says:

    A few things I’ve noticed – I’m trying to learn development with UE5, and a lot of things I see in the leaked footage is engine alerts (i.e. the video memory thing you were seeing). They could be developing a PC version of the game alongside the console game, or this could just be their debug menu with a lack of optimization for just about anything due to the project being in pre-alpha. Regardless, this is fantastic looking footage, and it’s clear Rockstar is working hard on engine mechanics and gameplay mechanics.

    • TheReaper7854 says:

      Maybe this is a different build of the game. But none of the leaked videos had Keyboard input. So I think based of footages we have seen so far, Rockstar is giving more priority to the Console release ( obviously case that’s where the money is ). But I also believe there won’t be an year delay for the PC release.

    • VictoriousSnake says:

      No I have seen it. For alerts they are using ImGui and extremely basic, literally text on a transparent black background, gui for various animation states etc. Even in the video it has two bits of text to show its taking up too much vram. It has a simple green text showing it is 1.9GB over with vram usage and the other text is an actual In-Game gui looking box similar to what we get with GTA 5 saying to go to your settings or close applications.

  6. James G says:

    This is a nightmare for Rockstar and their employees but an absolute dream for us because we finally got a sneak peak at what they’re working on and how far they are. The game looks incredible at this point, the new features I’ve seen are incredible and a dream for what I’ve always wanted in GTA 6, and looking closer to RDR2 than GTA 5. I love the female protagonist already, she will be memorable before. Hopefully “game journalists” don’t cry about her curves. The kiddies complaining about graphics and how movement and car physics look bad clearly know nothing about game development – These systems haven’t been finalized yet, the game is still years away and far from being polished up, not only that, the developer testing the game is running it at a low resolution with low graphic settings because RAGE engine itself and the other programs probably take up a lot of CPU, RAM, and GPU alone and then they’re adding an unoptimized dev build of GTA 6 on top of that, any computer would struggle to run that. By the time it releases it will look incredible, be optimized, and will have even better graphics than RDR2. Gotta have faith in these developers, they are the best in the business.

    • Boniface Lukosi says:

      @karl karlsson why tho? I’ve never seen anything get leaked this bad. Surely they just keep what they’ve made but just make a new plot

      Kind of like the way carti’s album got leaked so he just made a new one lol

    • karl karlsson says:

      Rockstar made an announcement that so far they will keep working on the game as normal.

    • Boniface Lukosi says:

      how the fuck is it a dream for us, the game is just gonna get delayed

    • AD G says:

      It’s not a dream for us. They will have to re code 95% of the game and it will push its release back from what would have been 2023-2024 to 2026 lol

    • Micromation says:

      @Swabia Except nobody will be able to use it, there’s no documentation with it and it runs on proprietary engine. If the source code is leaked it MAYBE would benefit modding scene which is net benefit for everyone, really.

  7. GTA Wise Guy says:

    I’m a NoPixel GTA RP dev.
    All I can say is hats off to Rockstar devs.
    I had my doubts following news of studio changes and reshuffles but seeing what I’ve seen without even a release window is mind blowing.
    I just feel bad for the hard working Rockstar devs that had their jaw dropping reveal moment taken away from them.

  8. Lynz • 46 years ago says:

    Can we just take a moment to admire the beautiful capture of Mutahar’s face in the thumbnail?

  9. Braedan Truitt says:

    You’re one of the few YouTubers I trust and I’m very happy to hear this news 🤘 keep doing you man

  10. Lazer8956 says:

    A bit of a stretch but from the leaked footage, it looks like they expanded upon the interactive NPC dialogue and interactivity system. Plus the CCTV camera actually seem to record the player’s face which will make it easier for the police to identify and later if the player escapes, catch them in free roam easily if spotted by them or a witness (like RDR 2’s bounty system but more improved and in modern times). The police also doesn’t seem to straight up shoot the player when they arrive but hold them at gunpoint and actually take cover before shooting the player (like GTA 4 cops but again more improved). The player’s movement also seems more expanded upon (looks like we can actually lie down flat for more cover instead of just crouching for cover). These were the 3 bit things most people noticed from this leak. Oh yeah the setting definitely resembles Florida AKA Vice City.

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