GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition Is A HUGE Disappointment

GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition Is A HUGE Disappointment

Join Scott and Josh as they discuss the huge disappointment that is GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition #GTA #SanAndreas #ViceCity #III

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50 Responses

  1. urbanshadow777 says:

    Rockstar: We don’t have enough resources and money to completely remaster 3 games any better than this.

    Some broke ass guy in his basement: Hold my beer

    • Dave L says:

      My buddy who is in this industry watched the trailer and said “some of these changes look like the work of an algorithm” and now I think I might agree.

    • Champo WOW says:

      @Kicapan Manis tf you mean, they make over $1bn a year from GTA’s shark cards alone. They could afford to pay for all their staff’s houses, cars, food etc… Rockstar aren’t some back alley studio with limited resources. And here y’all are giving them the Gluck Gluck 3000 as a reward for abhorrently shitty practice.

    • Champo WOW says:

      @Dave L yeah exactly, the lack of attention to detail in all aspects of the game make it appear that they’ve just whacked the game into a pre-built renderer and shipped it out.

    • Leonard Silvia says:

      they picked a cheap studio to make it

    • Vrabo says:

      That broke ass guy in no longer in his basement.
      He’s living in prison now because Rockstar didn’t feel like holding his beer.

  2. Caribbean Joe's says:

    Reminds me of those immortal words by South Park’s Cartman: “When you pre-order a game, you’re just committing to paying for something that some a**ho**s in California haven’t even finished working on yet.”

    • Makaveli says:

      @thebatmandc777 Get to download it early so you can play at midnight. I dont pre order like tha but games I want at release like the last God of War I pre ordered the day before so I can download and play at midnight.

    • JimmyJnr says:

      @I Like Expensive Pasta Season 17 – Ep 7.

    • Mike J says:

      🤣Right, South Park speaks wiser words than what we have in government right now… Back in 2011 I stopped pre-ordering games,because I saw this trend coming were they started moving away from DLC to microtransactions online passes and other BS.

    • Andrei Mina says:

      It was also a direct reference to the Stick Of Truth which was delayed for January 2014, when it was originally supposed to release around the same time as the Black Friday trilogy. At least Stick Of Truth turned out great compared to whatever is “dEFIniTIve edition” supposed to be

    • Draco says:

      I still don’t understand people who pre order lmao, dumb consumers

  3. Legendofkai says:

    The lack of actual gameplay footage was a huge red flag for me. I’m so glad I didn’t pre order.

    • G V says:

      @Ashley Jackson FromSoft is a terrible example DarkSoul1 had one of the worst framerate ever both on console and Pc . DarkSouls3 , Bloodborne and Sekiro all had terrible frame pacing on console so I have no clue why you mention them.

    • Ashley Jackson says:

      @G V I never had noticeable framerate issues, even in the infamous slow down areas though, maybe I got lucky! It’s next to impossible to get a stable frame rate through an entire big game too, mechanically the games are very sound, I would never criticise a dev for not having perfect frame rates at all times. I finished and platinumed all those games you mentioned and the remasters, 60 fps only made a fractional difference to me, it didn’t change anything in reality. Unless you’re playing shooters frame rates aren’t a big deal, and when we consider some of the total messes that have come out at launch in recent years From Software are easily one of the best devs, to be fair it’s the same with Rockstar, all their single player GTA games (not played the others), were solid on release

    • Miguel Vina says:

      Lol me too. Ngl red dead redemption 2 and gta v beat them all three

    • Cesar Alejandro Lopez Barboza says:

      I bought it this morning before work. It finished downloading kinda regret buy it but its a good distraction from smoking cigarettes on my day off.

    • broncofan99 says:

      @Legendofkai X-men destiny did that for me.

  4. Car Jac says:

    The Definitive Edition is just Rockstar’s excuse to preserve the price of the game for future generations to buy and not having the price depreciated over time until it becomes a freeware.

    • Conor O Dea says:

      I say the orginal trilogy is probably worth €15 or $17

    • Sangeet Khatri says:

      @Conor O Dea I picked up the original trilogy on Steam for $10 and that was at least 5-6 years ago.

    • Conor O Dea says:

      @Sangeet Khatri Nice, I bought Vice City Stories for €3:50 for my PSP The game still holds up

    • Crash Bandicoot says:

      @Conor O Dea love VCS, I have it on ps2. Been playing ps2 again actually, experiencing a wave of nostalgia rn.

    • Agent 39 says:

      @Conor O Dea Never played LCS or VCS. I’ve been reading so much praise I think I might try to find copies. I still own a PS2 lol. Hell, even my PS3 is the original model that was released so it’s almost 100 percent backwards compatible with both PS One and PS2 games. I’m so proud she’s still working till this day 😁

  5. Chris Peña says:

    Lol had a very bad feeling about the game when I heard former war drum studios became grove street games. They did an awful job with the 10th anniversary ports.

    • arsnakeheart says:

      Never let mobile developers come anywhere near real video games

    • Quinn Marchese says:

      @arsnakeheart missing the point. mobile devs are entirely competent at making games, you have the entire world playing angry birds as proof, they can make solid games. the point is that War Drum Studios provided a totally solid but slightly inferior version of each GTA on iphone and android, and Rockstar, being too absorbed by GTA Online, just let their mobile work be the console remaster of San Andreas specifically. its not War Drum’s fault (entirely at least), its all on Rockstar for not setting aside devs to assist and being content with the product they have.

  6. Ryan TheRadical says:

    At this point if devs don’t show gameplay in the trailer it’s almost safe to assume they aren’t confident in the positive reception of the product

  7. PaulTheTexan says:

    I was hoping for something more like the Tony Hawk 1 + 2 remaster, which was very well done. They managed to keep the nostalgia while modernizing the older games. This shows it *can* be done, but in the case of GTA, they just didn’t bother.

  8. JC Korn says:

    Activision paid for Rage Against the Machine(THPS1+2) but Rockstar didn’t?
    The Rockstar we loved drowned in the money they got from GTA Online 😢

  9. Sam Wright says:

    Given the high standards of quality Rockstar usually have, and the vast amount of money GTA online has given them, there really isn’t an excuse for this.

    • TouYube says:

      @A. T. Smith to be fair the saints row remaster just ain’t much different to this, the physics and animations weren’t changed in saints row 3 they improved the graphics like here, but that’s a much newer game so it holds up better these games are too old it’s not an excuse though cause mafia 1 definitive edition is 🔥

    • H. A. says:

      @Budliky CZ Their mission structure indeed sucks… They redeem themselves on RDR2 though.

    • Budliky CZ says:

      @H. A. mate they did not at least not in my eyes it was the same. Go here, start the mission, drive here mashing x like a ding dong, something goes wrong, shoot it, mission done repeat until the game is finished. I stopped at second camp and that was my story mode playthrough finished which I know very well i will never comeback to. I tried multiplayer in RDR and that was story mode without story. So only the shallow gameplay without anything to do. And I am not counting dailies as a content. Thats just random boring bullshit to keep the game sustained with their pointless crap like collect 3 herb. Guild Wars 2 had deeper fetch quest than this.

    • Aengus K says:

      @Justin Tyler Rockstar’s parent company is ‘TAKE TWO INTERACTIVE’ they’ve had a history of rushing things. They are the reason why we never got single player DLC for gta 5.
      They’re largely to blame for SA being put out too early

    • Not Payroll says:

      Remaster not remake

  10. Christopher Sidebothom says:

    Rockstar missed the mark of quality for this “remaster” by a longshot. The trilogy lost its vibe without the heat waves, fog and the embarrassing rain that follow you like a storm cloud. The skybox can look nice at times, but lost that paint-like aesthetic that Vice City had among many other issues.

    • Leonard Silvia says:

      grove st games made it , they are trash

    • MrSteamedchicken says:

      People are quoting “remaster” but rockstar never said remaster nor remake… if they didn’t that it would take a long time and a lot of resources. Resources that could be for GTA 6. Back in the day, GTA San Andreas cost them $120 million to make. Imagine how much it would for them now? It’s more of a refresh not a remaster. I’m happy with this as I can play my favourite games from my childhood updates for current consoles with updated controls with a fresher look. Although a remaster would be perfect if you’re ignorant to the facts stated above. This is something they only announced 2months ago.

    • Agent 39 says:

      @MrSteamedchicken And BTW your point isn’t valid at all. You’re right, they DIDN’T say “remaster” or “remake”. They said “Definitive Edition”, which makes this situation that much more embarrassing for them.Especially since this was released AFTER Mafia Definitive Edition. After that was released, they actually had the balls to call this their “Definitive Edition”? Ballsy ballsy ballsy lol.

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