Gucci Mane – Long Live Dolph [Official Audio]

Gucci Mane – Long Live Dolph [Official Audio]

Gucci Mane – Long Live Dolph

“So Icy Christmas” 🥶 Out Now!

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26 Responses

  1. Carlus King says:

    R.i.p. dolph. Gucci solid for dropping this 💯💙. It’s crazy cause I found out about Dolph when him & Gucci dropped a joint Mixtape.

  2. wayne jordan says:

    I support ANYTHING Gucci drops. Especially when it comes to something like this . It ain’t about views or likes. I respect the fact that he immortalized dolph with this song

    • Stephanie Rummel says:

      Me2. ..ya know reminds me of golden era hip hop…but he did it in such a southern ugk type of way as it should be when touching on shit like what happen to the late legend dolph….this the type of shit the culture actually needs right here.

    • bundyal gaming says:

      Hell yeah he killed it with this one like he was just talking not even rapping. Long live flipper

    • Mindy garcia says:

      Dolph immortalized himself but hell yea

  3. 120.DatEther says:

    I respect Gucci on so many levels

  4. Babe says:

    Gonna play this on repeat just to get the #’s up! Anything dealing with Dolph I support ❤️🐬🐬🐬

  5. John Anderson says:

    Listening to this gave me chills the whole song. Gucci always been a real one 💯 R.I.P Flippa

  6. William Green says:

    This has gotten to be the most powerful and deepest song I’ve ever heard Gucci do

  7. JOE WRLD999 says:

    Gucci Mane a real one for this, and Gucci if you ever read this brother, you have my full respect. I fucks with ya. Thank you for making great music. 🤘🏻👑

  8. Life as Kerria The virgo says:

    Gucci you just don’t realize how real this is I’m just glad to see the world appreciate him and celebrate him in the way they should and the higher-ups have not won they have only open eyes two people that needed their eyes open and Dolph was that eye-opener is well as Nipsey if you don’t do anyting get that money stack it and build a foundation for your generation we’re here to take ownership back that’s all and they don’t want to see that😇 it’s the reason God makes us move in silence we getting everything back best believe that

  9. muziclova5 says:

    Thank you for speaking for us Guwop!! Dolph was a true motivator and inspiration. Not to mention every beat banged and bars went crazy. And don’t sleep on his video visuals they were next level ….DAMN. RIP Dolph 👑 🐬

  10. TEE MILL says:

    You can’t be a true Young Dolph fan if you ain’t heard this song yet. It’s not hard to figure out who would do the OFFICIAL LLL BIG FLIPA tribute song. Shout out to the realest trap rapper in the game for expressing how day one Dolph fans really feel. Should be at a million views already!!! Wya🤬🤬🤬 I been riding this sh¡+ since 3 AM. #LLL Big Flipa #BigGuwop4eva💯🙏🏿💪🏿

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