Gucci Mane & Nicki Minaj – Make Love [Official Music Video]

Gucci Mane & Nicki Minaj – Make Love [Official Music Video]

Gucci Mane’s new single “Make Love” featuring Nicki Minaj, available now.

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20 Responses

  1. the_real_niap says:

    Am I the only one thinks that this verse slays everything…?

  2. Ahmed Amin says:

    Nicki just killed this shit ?? Rip Remy

  3. BuNnY PlAyA says:

    Who is only here because of GUWOP?

  4. Roderick Cabil says:

    Not talking housewives but I’m in the Porsche!!!!!! First I’m scorch ya then I’m torch ya, then ima torture her!!! Then ima off her!!!!!!!A million dollars for a show they make they offer!!!! Go against Nicki it’s gone cost ya!!!! So it’s like fuck ya , intercourse ya!!!!

  5. popruns inmyveins says:

    ok Nicki Minaj absolutely destroyed Remy ma here. fight me.

  6. barbzqueenofrap x says:

    Nicki killing the game as always??❤

  7. Miki Minach says:

    i was waiting for Nicki to get off the unicorn the entire video ?

  8. Jaqucia Green says:

    I see why they mad.. Nicki Is legit the Queen of Rap no questions asked!

  9. Sky Santana says:

    nicki riding a unicorn is more metaphorical then alot of ppl will realize …
    unicorns are mythical creatures, once in a lifetime type of thing …. remy and shether is like a unicorn, and the fact nicki is riding the unicorn shows she has power over and dominates the unicorn.

    i may b looking way too deep into it, but whether or not this is what nicki meant, its still a metaphor

  10. Jay Carr says:

    Remy just watched Nicki’s fine ass and called up Rah’s doctor again

  11. Kendall C says:

    All you Nicki fans came here to see her living before SHETHER dropped

  12. Yaria Smith says:

    Am I the only one who wanted her to stand up ??

  13. GLOKU SSJ3 says:

    This hard but sucks that Nicki wack ass whore ass fake ass was on this

  14. ๏ JƬ ๏ says:

    I love all the white people & gay bitches who know nothing about real barz or diss tracks that are here praising Nicki McFraud. Granted, Remy wasn’t all that great either. She just didn’t sound like a amateur rap artist with corny lyrics like Nicki.

  15. Chitown ShaSha says:

    Nicki has a better rap voice and looks better even though she had work done. she’s mainstream and is pop so yeah she has more hits.

  16. Adrienne Harrison says:

    Hahahaha remember when Nicki and Gucci had twitter beef!

  17. Robson Alves says:

    Quem for Brasileiro curte aqui. ?????

  18. xDEKEx007x says:

    Gucci stays on my aux cord ?????

  19. Taron Harris says:

    All theses comments is from gays 🙂

  20. Kevin PokeFan says:

    Nicki has something in her eyes? because she used glasses in this video and also in tha Swalla music video… :/

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