Gucci Mane – Proud Of You (Official Music Video)

Gucci Mane – Proud Of You (Official Music Video)

Gucci Mane – Proud Of You (Official Music Video)
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49 Responses

  1. ProjectPhroRegal says:

    My boy lookin healthier than ever , Bumpin gucci since the goon in my kitchen to the new slim guwop . Good shit Gucci

  2. 1k Kendric says:

    Gucci lost hella weight… Guwop I’m so proud of you???

  3. blacqueen 87 says:

    Wop need to be these guys fitness goals!?Glad jail didn’t hold him… the rap game need Guwop!Burr!?

  4. Dwayne McKnight says:

    Notice with each project, he sounds more like the old him? Its almost like hes finding his self

  5. Lil Kleenex says:

    Already 2 songs in 2 days?We finna get whole lotta bangers this summer?Gucci looking real good too, u can tell his been working out

    • HoffDawgWithMustard says:

      Finesse King it ain’t gay to notice when someone getting shredded. That just means you aren’t comfortable with your sexuality ??‍♂️

    • Lil Kleenex says:

      @Finesse King bruh stfu…he looking better then be mf was fat ASF now he ripped…if u don’t like my comment gtfo…goofy

    • Lil Kleenex says:

      @HoffDawgWithMustard LMFAO frs, I’m just saying facts Gucci getting that money and looks at his best…his just a goofy just ignore him he probably plays fortnite ??

    • Finesse King says:

      @HoffDawgWithMustard Nah I jus kno Gay-Y language when I see it…Its Plenty words in the English Language to describe a HETEROSEXUAL Male…u was Quick to Cmmt For Someone else…Hope u dont get infected by His Balls all in your throat #Tawk2MeNiice

    • Finesse King says:

      @Lil Kleenex U ain’t sayin nun New….U Gay & All in yo Feeling for getting Called out on it…jus Come out and Express it Son…Yo Step Dad wont abandon u

  6. xIPLAYTRYHARDz says:

    I hope u be rich and live ur best life?

  7. Jesus Ruiz says:

    Turn this blue if you support Gucci mane

  8. HoffDawgWithMustard says:

    Guwop still the Trap God and they quote me more than Dr. Seuss

  9. Natalie Rea says:

    who else listened to Gucci when he was chubby? ??‍♀️

  10. Yumi Chocolate says:

    This is how Much Gucci Mane is Proud of YOU

  11. StayWavey TV says:

    Damn no homo Gucci look good . I seen bruh in person at FT lauderdale beach . He got a strong aura around him and is mad humble

  12. kenny thegoat says:

    Gucci flow went hard like if agree???

  13. Trent Bulen says:

    Damn Gucci out did himself in this one. This song is ? ? proud of him
    Getting ripped up like that. If he can get rid of that gut so can I.

  14. MISTER GREEN says:

    KENNY BEATS ? his cave episodes are fire, glad he worked with Guwop too

  15. Public Beats says:

    “I had them county blues, now everyday I’m countin’ blues” Gucci Mane ??

  16. Todd Messenger says:

    Im putting a 100,000 views on here by myself!

  17. DJTatMusic says:

    Gucci looking like hes getting ready for the 2019 draft

  18. cebeeasy skeemask records says:

    ?Like this…?if you been rocking? with Gucci? since? day 1…?

  19. Brandon Adams says:

    Yes! Time to sober up folks. Gucci doing it right! Throwing all mines out right now

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