Guess Iono’s Partner Pokémon! 🤔 | Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet

Guess Iono’s Partner Pokémon! 🤔 | Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet

Meet Iono, an influencer, streamer, and Gym Leader who specializes in Electric-type Pokémon ⚡️

Can you guess Iono’s partner Pokémon? 🤔

Pre-order Pokémon Scarlet & Pokémon Violet today to get ready for an exciting adventure in Paldea! ❤️💜

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32 Responses

  1. AbsolBlogsPokemon says:

    My current guesses if it’s a new electric regional:
    -Wigglytuff: its body expands and contracts like a balloon
    -2nd regional Quagsire separate from Paldean Wooper: stupid idea, but it has “sluggish” and “easygoing” dex entries
    -Slugma: it’s sluggish lol

  2. Mandry Va says:

    I’m imagining the electric type gym leaders anual meeting, you have Elesa and Iono doing a livestream together, with Clemont and Sophocles somehow getting roped into it and being absolute tech bros gushing over the new Rotom camera.
    And then you have Wattson in the background doing just funny poses alongside some Magnemites, Lt. Surge going kids this days while nonchalantly playing with a Pichu and his Raichu just having a smug face while looking at him.
    And then Volkner is just sulking by a random corner just being done with life.

    Edit: Somehow I seemed to forgot Bonnie (because my brain runs at a slugma pace) so she’s just asking Surge about how to raise baby electric types, and Surge’s just gone completely teacher mode.

  3. King Dijon says:

    Its going to be a new Pokémon we’ve never heard of. “Electrocutie” based on her emphasis on it being so cute. It’s a long shot but if that’s what it turns out to be you heard it here first.

    • Raphael St-hilaire says:

      @NintendoHub the answer can be paldean pikachu we hope not to

    • AtticusRh0des says:

      Thats a HE according to Pokemon official.

    • Jack McGuire says:

      squishy – a teddy bear, easy going vibe – shown in pictures to be laying down, has two big ears which could be mistaken for eyes (i guess). it generates electricity by rubbing its belly, not by expanding and contracting. so after writing all of this i am thinking that it could definitely be pawmi’s evolution but of course im just speculating

  4. Michaela Huss says:

    Voice acting for a gym leader?! Amazing! I’d love to see more voice and personality worked into the games for more characters, but even just this promo is a fun way to introduce new characters and Pokémon. ⚡️ (also, maybe Iono’s partner is a new regional form…?)

  5. Andrew Bost says:

    This is giving me major Colosseum/XD vibes. Feels like this is what Lovrina would be if it was made today.

  6. Red Fox says:

    This is what all these years of training with “Who’s that Pokemon” were for

  7. Ingenuity Pulse says:

    You know it’s funny that one of the hints mentioned “having 2 bumps on his head that get mistaken for eyes” reminded me of some random trivia I learned about Tigers recently~😅 So my guess is a Paldea region Electabuzz or an evolution of Mareep~🤓

  8. Adam NORINDR says:

    Her design is so colorful, it’s really beautiful! Plus, she is really cute with her energetic voice! In just seconds, I am already fan of her! Nice job as always, Nintendo!

  9. evoids says:

    She said it was soft/squishy, not magnemite, slow, two bumps mistaken for eyes, cute, and it stores electricity in it’s body.
    It has to be on of these (I put them in the order of most to least likely in my opinion)
    A. Joltik (I don’t know about whether it stores electricity in its body by expanding, but it meets the other requirements)
    B. Pincurchin (Some people find it cute, it has two bumps near its eyes, and it stores electricity)
    C. A non-electric type with an electric terra-type
    D. It’s pokemon that hasn’t come out yet and they’re trolling us

    • adam nakamura says:

      I forgot about Pincurchin! For some reason my mind immediately went to Unova and I forgot to consider the (potentially) squishy, electric, fake eyed mon.

  10. Abhiveer Birdi says:

    I’ve never seen a gym leader with so much personality, you’ve outdone yourself pokemon

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