Guess My Disability (Bjork) | Lineup | Cut

Guess My Disability (Bjork) | Lineup | Cut

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About Lineup:
A who’s who of awkward assumptions and judgments.

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Small questions have powerful effects when they go viral. Cut spreads stories for fun, for serious, and for real– bringing the internet together one awkward moment at a time.

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Guess My Disability (Bjork) | Lineup | Cut

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62 Responses

  1. Supashya Roy Chowdhury says:

    The name bjork sound like a name of DBZ character.

  2. Jojo Rivera says:

    Bjork is such a sweetie omg

  3. Redeye junior says:

    Bjork is so nice

  4. Huddo Champ says:

    Damn too early for any good comments…

  5. Iconic says:

    When you want to create a joke but you scared to offend somebody

  6. Ky Lim says:

    I have a crush on Bjork.. Gahhhh..

  7. Harshil Patel says:

    I guess the game would work if you knew all of the disabilities

    • Luis Aktis says:

      Wheres transgender???

      Ok issa joke dont bitch

    • Mitch The Good Witch says:

      Harshil Patel – ya! I mean she new ptsd and Tourette’s right away because they are talked about in the media. So it really goes to show how these things should be taught at least in brief. I new everyone except the girl with the chair who had the heart rate concern. But I work with students with cognitive and/or physical disabilities so I’ve grown to learn.

    • Alex Martinez says:

      Rather to the video just being a game I guess it encourages awareness to various disabilities and how it affects these individuals

    • Nicole Llih says:

      +Luis Aktis I’m offended that your joke was lame. Lol

    • Luis Aktis says:

      +Nicole Llih no the joke was transgenders they are the joke

  8. curtis francis says:

    Cut just keeps getting insane……”next guess strangers penis size” ????

  9. crowninthesky says:

    She was brave to be earnest in her own disclosure and thoughtful in her questions.

  10. Izzy Abdul says:

    I’m a diabetic, so I was waiting for someone to say I’m a diabetic type 1. I guess that’s a good thing ?

  11. Shivam says:

    Glad Karlos isn’t guessing on this one !!

  12. Michaela Müller says:

    Can we get her instagram? She’s such a cute personality and i’d love to talk to her about my experience with anxiety

  13. adam mac says:

    “Do I take the medication to make the world comfortable, or do I not take it and make me comfortable?”
    *That. Is. HEARTBREAKING!*

  14. stacie Donnell says:

    I love that he brought up that PTSD can be anywhere. I actually got it from being physically butchered by another person and almost died ….It’s a horrid thing!!

  15. Branislav Mitter says:

    Just a hint for the editor of the video: your background music is completely off when people are talking about serious issues. Think about it.

    • Andrea Hernandez says:

      I think the purpose of these videos is to show disabilities in a more relaxed way. For example, you can see the girl guessing is quite uncomfortable and doesn’t know how to act ot what to say, while the others are just completely relaxed.

      I think it must be tiring when you have a disability and people don’t know how to interact with you.

  16. Sean Inness says:

    Bjork, what I got out of this is that you are kind and inquisitive, two of the most alluring traits a person can have.

  17. NDawg2014 says:

    Jesus, stop the music when someone is crying.

  18. Jana Cecilia says:

    whoa i came here for bjork but its a different bjork

  19. XxlargemanxX says:

    Hey shawn since no one said it, thanks for your service to the country brother.

  20. Daria says:

    Tip: stop the music when someone is crying

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