Guess My Income? #2 | Lineup | Cut

Guess My Income? #2 | Lineup | Cut

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Guess My Income? #2 | Lineup | Cut

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87 Responses

  1. Bessie says:

    Respect to the mental health clinician. I love his style and ik it’s a difficult job but he changes people’s lives for a living, that must feel so rewarding.

    • 堕落的小飞鱼 says:

      I am suprise you still have the profile, respect

    • Joya Tucker says:

      he was fine as hell too

    • mackjeez says:

      They’re not psychiatrists or therapists. I work at a health center, they all hate their jobs. He also doesn’t state what type of mental health clinician he is, he could be a social worker, counselor or deal with family and marriages. They usually do group sessions, the ones you see on tv and it’s pretty much reading from a playbook without too much care. Some of them do actually private counseling but get paid much more than this guy does and in most cases they semi diagnose you and move you up the ladder to a psychiatrist since they can’t prescribe drugs. Looking at his style he could be working as a youth counselor since they often try to relate.

    • Elaine says:


      Haha that’s not true. There are different fields social workers go in. A lot of people who go into that field don’t read from a playbook without too much care. Same with counselors and people who work with family and children. Just because you’ve only met people like that doesn’t mean that’s the only thing social workers/counselors do. Probably should find more information before spreading wrong information. You can Google the different fields those professions go into and there are people who go into that field who care about what they do.

  2. frog says:

    7:58 dominatrix was eyeing up the white dude…

    uh oh

  3. Sora Sophia says:

    I freaking LOVE Carter, her fashion, her personality, she’s so likeable, love seeing her on Cut!!?????

    • the unlucky duckling says:

      i think her voice sounds like a giant lmao

    • Carson Steen says:

      the unlucky duckling lmaoooo fr

    • dylan gross says:

      She feels fake to me. Like she’s the kind of person to be triggered by everything on behalf of other groups who probably don’t give enough of a shit to be offended anyways lol, idk that’s my vibe everytime i see her.

    • Carson Steen says:


    • TTbaby 4l says:

      @dylan gross Right!!!! The vibes shes giving me is if she likes green eggs and ham everybody has to like it as well or else. Realness

  4. vcadena90 says:

    The barista turned real estate just influenced the duck out of me. Brb going to apply for real estate classes ??

    • J B says:

      @dassney pierre Kevin’s got videos with Graham and vice versa

    • D Barbarian says:

      Watch out for the real estate correction though. I have family who do real estate full time, they are starting to get less and less work. A needed correction is happening somewhere between beginning of 2020 and end of 2021. But the flip side is when the correction happens everything will be cheap to get then

    • Winged Scapula says:

      vcadena: watches video, ponders their future
      vcadena: *it’s free real estate*

    • El churches fan#1 says:

      @dassney pierre follow Ben Mallah on the KONKRETE channel. He will keep it real and will tell you from his own experience about it

    • Fangurl 101 says:

      vcadena90 ya I was honestly planning on it even before this tbh

  5. L A says:

    The girl in the purple and white tye dye sounds like Billie Elish

  6. Nicole Kehew says:

    When I saw Lucas I instantly thought “works at golf course, dad bought his mustang, likes Starbucks”

  7. Mello says:

    Carter already knows how I feel about her, *Lenny Face*

  8. Cut says:

    Follow Mental Health Clinician Dae on IG at @daekimlucas

  9. Onuk says:

    So, which perfume is the IT guy using? It seems everybody loves it!

  10. trashyboi says:

    Claire ( Porn Star ) – “Mostly white men” “ *White Guilt* ”

    “Tyler” aka Lucas – *smiles uncomfortably*

    Time – 7:15

  11. Yash Ikhankar says:

    “carter carter my dear carter…she knows how he feel about her”❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  12. Olivia Bunbury says:

    Ohhh goodness…I thought the lady at 0:16 was a double amputee???‍♀️

  13. Anti Vax Mother says:

    I’m actually a Pornstar…

    Old lady: I LOVE YOU!


  14. Jord San says:

    7:40 kinda man say clinician about 3 times
    Old white lady: Technician

  15. Big Reggie says:

    Match the SAT/ACT score to person

  16. jjhung2 says:

    Ok, I have got to know what Kurt smells like.

  17. Adaeze Njoku says:

    When I saw the dominatrix I automatically thought sex worker, I guess I was right.

  18. Sarah Payne says:

    If she was my plug I would never stop smoking weed

  19. Janine says:

    I need this with a millionaire in the lineup and have everyone Hella shocked

  20. Drew Rodrigues says:

    Right when I saw the software guy I already knew. He looks like most of my co-workers. We on top son! Lol

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